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Descent 3 is the third game in the line of Descent computer games, well known for the use of six degrees of freedom and true 3D rendering technology. Descent 3 constituted a major technical upgrade over its two predecessors, introducing many ground breaking graphical techniques like portal rendering, procedural texturing and advanced lighting and was probably the most graphically advanced game of its time. Descent 3 utilizes an indoor and outdoor engine in tandem, collectively called the Fusion Engine. The engine supports bump mapping (a revolutionary feature at the time of its release), dynamic colored lighting, relatively complex environments, and weather effects.

Rendering and mouse control issues have been fixed. Videos have been ripped because they render the game unstable. Resolution and menu problems have been fixed! It is highly recommended that you use the provided player account “thedoctor” – it has already been configured for best compatibility with Cider. Also multiplayer has NOT been tested!

Known Issues:
Cutscenes crash the game and have been removed.

Mac OS version: OS X 10.4.11
Min. Processor: Intel Core Solo
Min RAM: 512 MB
Video RAM: 128 MB
Harddisk space: 650 MB


Please note that this game will not work on Macs with GMA 950 chips.


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