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The state of DX11 support on MacOS

Wine + MoltenVK + Metal2 may one day allow Windows only, DirectX11 games to be ported through Wine.
Wineskin depends on Wine which is what is used to translate the Windows Direct X graphics code to OpenGL. Mac relies on this for Wine to work correctly on the operating system. Mac's current OpenGL version sits at variance depending on what year your system was manufactured. Apple provides a list here:


The problem right now is that, Linux, as an open source platform has many people working on implementing the newer version of the OpenGL driver into the OSs so the developers at Wine actually have something to work with. A few years back Apple decided to drop OpenGL implementation to MacOS and apply their own proprietary graphics API - Metal, or currently known as Metal 2

These are the systems that support Metal 2:


DX10 and DX11 games require an OpenGL version of 4.5 and higher. These will likely never run on Mac systems unless Apple provides the Metal 2 source code for developers to work with or they allow non signed OpenGL drivers above 4.1 to work on MacOS. Both of which never happen as it is contrary to Apple's business policy.


View PostScoPezz, on 24 January 2018 - 01:13 AM, said:

I just read your post and while everything there is true, "never" is a strong word. Something I hope gets traction is MoltenVK (or something similar if there is ever such a thing). MoltenVK translates Vulkan calls into Metal calls. That would already enable a lot of modern games on macOS. Secondly, there are projects like DXVK (Direct3D 11 to Vulkan) and VK9 (Direct3D 9 to Vulkan) that could hypothetically be combined with MoltenVK to run Direct3D11 games on macOS.
But while VK9 and DXVK are open source and are making amazing progress, MoltenVK has been silent for a long while and isn't open source.

That being said, Metal was kind of a double edged sword, but given that Apple (still) has a lot of influence in the IT industry, game and engine developers have actually started releasing more stuff with Metal support. Unreal Engine, Unity and the WoW engine already have support for it. So who knows what can happen :)

EDIT: Seems I was wrong about MoltenVK progress, their newest version was released on 2017/11/06.

Wine - https://www.winehq.org/
OpenGL - https://www.opengl.org/
Metal2 - https://developer.apple.com/metal/
Vulkan - https://www.khronos.org/vulkan/
MoltenVK - https://moltengl.com/moltenvk/

In recent news, the pot is being brewed....here's hoping this idea comes to fruition


*this article is was put together from two separate posts from different threads.


really hope this works/releases and not just die out
Some really great news just popped up in the forums...thanks ovvldc!