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Memories of MaxWeber

I just wanted to take a moment to remember the day the portingteam (The community is the portingteam) lost Max, 7 years ago.
I wanted to write a better article, but I could not find the words. So I just redirect you to the thread here.



May he rest in peace.
I've read somewhere that Max had many ideas that he never had time to accomplish, but which would have been great to the community. I know it has been 7 years, but some of his ideas are still applicable with today technologies (Wineskin, CXEx, CXZ, etc)?

It's just that I heard about them but never found written anywhere, and I think it would be a nice tribute to him to make some of them a reality if they are still valid :)
I remember him, on the older site. It's really kind to take a time to think about him.

God bless you all.