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Running multiple copies of diablo II in windowed mode

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Posted 22 February 2017 - 05:27 PM

-Hello folks.

-I'm currently running one copy of diablo II under wineskin and another copy of diablo ii locally on my mac.

-Both copies are running at the same time in windowed mode.

-when the wineskin copy of diablo has focus, and then when certain things happen in my other window I lose focus of the window, and my mouse is moved to the bottom right corner of the other diablo window, and I have to scroll back to the wineskin diablo window and click back into it before I can keep playing.

-does anyone know of a way to stop this? An example of what is happening is when I try to make two of my characters trade, when I put an item into the trade window in my wineskin copy, I instantly lose my mouse.

-when I move items around in my own inventory or drop items this doesn't seem to happen. It mostly happens in trade windows and when someone comes through a portal or way point into an area that my mac copy of the game is in.

-this doesn't happen in the oppisite direction.  Nothing I do in my mac copy affects the wineskin copy.

-let me know if there is any more information you need.

Thank you.

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