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Tutorial info

  • Added on: Mar 14 2012 12:31 AM
  • Date Updated: Mar 15 2012 03:56 PM
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WineSkin Engine Install and Custom Engine install

-creating a installer for a engine you created
- WineSkin Engine Install

Posted by hmtinc on Mar 14 2012 12:31 AM

Posted Image

Wineskin is a great wine wrapper creator and porting tool , But from time to time you will find that installing new engines expands your options. Also you may discover the ones distributed by difficult aren't that great for your project so you may create you own , then you may want to distribute it. This Tutorial Will teach you on how to install new engines , create a installer for you engine, and how to install custom engines created by others .

Installing a official Wine skin Engine

1. Launch Wineskin and click the little plus icon under engines

Posted Image

2. Select the engine you wish to download and install under available engines and click download and install

Posted Image

3 . Wait .... Done

Install a custom engine created by someone else

If there is a installer click install

If there isn't follow these instructions

1. Go to finder and go to your home folder
2. open library
3. then application support
4. then locate / open the wineskin folder
5. open the engines folder
6. copy over the .tar.7z file you downloaded from the engine creator
7. close all windows ... relaunch wineskin
Tutorial approved.
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Nice... next you should make one on how to apply a patch/make a custom Wine engine.
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How come when I manually download a wine engine from winehq, the file isn't .tar.7z? It's .tar.bz2? I tried putting it in the engines folder but it doesn't pop in wineskin winery. How to?
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where do i download wineskin?
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nvm i figured it out
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There is no wineskin folder inside of application support on my machine. Where do I put the .tar.7z file?
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