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Port Information

  • Submitted: Jun 22 2010 02:33 PM
  • Last Updated: May 06 2012 01:55 PM
  • Views: 10894
  • Downloads: 686

Wrapper Type & Video Card Compatibility

  • Wrapper Type: Cider / CiderX
  • Wine Version: Cider 4003
  • ATI / AMD: GREEN (fully playable)
  • NVIDIA: GREEN (fully playable)
  • Intel GMA: GREY (not tested)
  • Intel HD: GREY (not tested)

Wrapper Type Info

Wrappers have different Mac OS X compatibility!

Wineskin:   10.610.710.810.9
Cider:          10.610.710.810.9
CXZ/CXEx:  10.610.710.810.9

What is WINE & what is a Wrapper?

Video Card Info

 GREY          = not tested
 GREEN        = fully playable
 YELLOW     = playable with minor glitches
 ORANGE     = playable with some effort
 RED             = severe glitches / unplayable

Download Freeware Port Guild Wars

* * * * * 2 Votes Please vote for the Quality of this Port / Wrapper, not for the Game or Application!


STATUS: Green (fully playable)

Personal Notes:
Updated Cider Wrapper.
Version 4003 works very fast.

Game Description:
Guild Wars is an episodic series of massively multiplayer online role-playing games developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft. Although often defined as an MMORPG, the developers define it as a CORPG due to notable differences from the MMORPG genre.[1] It provides two main modes of gameplay—a cooperative role-playing component and a competitive player vs. player (PvP) component—both of which are hosted on ArenaNet's servers. Three stand-alone episodes and one expansion pack were released in the series from April 2005 to August 2007.
The games depict the history of the fictional fantasy world of Tyria; each campaign focuses on events in disjoint sections of the world at roughly the same time. A player creates an avatar to play through the cooperative storyline of a campaign, taking on the role of a hero who must save Tyria from episode-specific antagonists. Players can group with other players and non-player characters, known as henchmen and heroes, to perform missions and quests found throughout the game-world. PvP combat is consensual, team based, and limited to areas designed for such combat. Players are allowed to create characters at maximum level and the best equipment specifically for PvP play, which is unusual for MMORPGs.[2] ArenaNet hosts official Guild Wars tournaments where the most successful players and guilds may compete for the chance to play live at gaming conventions and win prizes up to US$100,000.[3][4]

1. Port Info
Cider 4003 Port

2. minimum System Requirements:
- OS:     Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard / Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
- CPU:   Intel Core 2 Solo Processor
- RAM:   512 MB
- Video:  nVidia 7/8xxx Series or AMD 3xxx or 4xxx Series Video Card recommended
              GMA could work, not tested

3. Known Issues:
- The Downloader is not shown. Instead you will see a splash screen.
  At the first launch time this download can take a huge time, so please wait a while.
- Starting the game in window mode crashes. Use Command + Enter instead.
- The @ Symbol is very difficult to type in on many keyboard layouts.
   You could try to use copy&paste or to use a onscreen-keyboard.

4. Installation:
Just start the game, after installing it with the package.
The basic client from the official guild wars homepage is included.

Image Image Image
Image Image Image

Game Videos:

Have Fun  :D

do you guy knows how many time its take to update/download ?

Its hard to see when i dont see the progress bar

15mb connection here :/

Jan 26 2011 02:08 AM
Is cider 4003 the best wrapper to use with Guild Wars or is it possible that the newer ones are better?
Newer ones can be better. I ported this a long time ago, maybe I will find some time to update this wrapper is the next week. But this wrapper is very stable.
Drakulix, does your wrapper have all of the expansions? Also, there is no loading screen/times for the updater?

JimMacabre said:

Drakulix, does your wrapper have all of the expansions? Also, there is no loading screen/times for the updater?

I tested all expensions except eye of the north. But the engine did not changed for this update and a friend of mine, who did own eye of the north, played guild wars with my wrapper and he had never any problems as far as I now. So it should also work perfectly.
The updater is not displayed. The wrapper is not able to display windows, only the full screen game. That's why you only see the splash screen, but believe me, it is downloading/updating the game. Also using this type of wrapper gives us a great performance boost, so it is really a minor issue in my eyes.
This wrapper works pretty well. Definitely accidentally put it into windowed mode by clicking the button in the corner after I downloaded like a GB of data for the game. Which sucked, but other than that it seems to work fine.

I do notice that in areas where there are a lot of light effects, like bloom and such, parts of the scenery tend to get covered up by big white boxes. They pretty much stay there until you move in closer. Changing the graphical settings mid-play also results in a weird glitch where all the terrain turns black. But it resets whenever you load a new area. This might just be my computer though.

Also, after about 3 hours of play the game froze up on me. Maybe this is an isolated incident, but this could also be a memory leak. I'll try out playing the game for extended periods again and report back if the issue occurs again.
Thanks for the feedback maybe I should update the wrapper. I made it a long time ago.
I think you should. I have tested your port against the Crossover Games port and the crossover port performs much better, I was getting around 30-45 fps in your port and on the same settings in the crossover port I got around 60-100 fps. The control key also works in the crossover port, and you need the control key to call targets in the game (cannot be assigned to a different key), so its a major issue. There's only one graphical issue in the crossover port as well (no more of those white blocks), and that is, your footprints show up as yellow rectangles. The initial loading screen works on the crossover port too. But that's pretty minor.

However, your port manages to switch between windowed and true fullscreen with ease, which does not work with the crossover port. I don't know much about porting but perhaps there is a better build you could use for faster performance. I much prefer being able to switch between windowed and full screen. Of course, the performance issues I mentioned could be tied to Cider.

Also, I don't think there is a memory leak, that was just a one time thing.
again, really nice job drakulix, it worked PERFECTly fine on my new MacBookPro 13" i5, keep up the good work and ports. :D

Hi everyone,
I'm currently stuck at the Product Key in-game.
I don't know if I'm doin something wrong or didn't read somethin.
Thanks again.
Thanks, Now I can play GW on my mac :)!
Wow! thanks alot for this!! works perfectly fine! minor keyboard problems, but i just reorder them
Gotta love guild wars :)
Has this stopped working on Lion? Haven't been able to get it to load since 10.7.2?
How long (approximately) should it take to download/update? Because mine has been going for a few hours now.

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