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Port Information

  • Submitted: Oct 06 2012 07:41 PM
  • Last Updated: Feb 01 2013 09:36 PM
  • Views: 5394
  • Downloads: 155

Wrapper Type & Video Card Compatibility

  • Wrapper Type: Wineskin
  • Wine Version: Wineskin 2.5.8/Wine1.5.15Dev
  • ATI / AMD: GREY (not tested)
  • NVIDIA: GREEN (fully playable)
  • Intel GMA: GREY (not tested)
  • Intel HD: GREY (not tested)

Wrapper Type Info

Wrappers have different Mac OS X compatibility!

Wineskin:   10.610.710.810.9
Cider:          10.610.710.810.9
CXZ/CXEx:  10.610.710.810.9

What is WINE & what is a Wrapper?

Video Card Info

 GREY          = not tested
 GREEN        = fully playable
 YELLOW     = playable with minor glitches
 ORANGE     = playable with some effort
 RED             = severe glitches / unplayable

Download Wrapper Jane's Advanced Strike Fighter 1.0.1515

* * * - - 2 Votes Please vote for the Quality of this Port / Wrapper, not for the Game or Application!

Turn the Heavens into Hell!
The Southern Azbaristan Democratic Front of South Azbaristan has only managed to hold off the North with the aid of the West, which supplies military and logistical aid to the tiny state in return for the oil exports from their vast reserves. Players will have the chance to assume the role of squadron leader Razor and lead the fight to reunify Azbaristan and protect the West’s vital interests.
Jane's Information Group is commonly recognized as the definitive source of information for the Defense Industry. In addition to its intelligence, defense and military hardware publications, since 1996 Jane's has a long association with simulation games.

Key Features
  • Intense Expansive Multiplayer: 16 person multiplayer combat to continue the action and intensity of war online. Also included is full campaign co-op play that accommodates 2-4 players.
  • Cunning Enemies From The North: Take on the massive assault of aerial, ground, and naval forces with only seconds to decide your fate of victory or defeat.
  • Combat Over Land, Air And Sea: Over 65,000km² of continuous terrain, including cities, industrial centres, mountainous regions and deserts.
  • Diverse Array Of Advanced Fighters To Fly: 30 flyable jets from the US, Europe, Russia and China. It also features the very best of the next generation in fighters such as the F-22A Raptor, F-35 Lightning II, Russia’s Su-35 Super Flanker and their newest plane, the 5th Generation PAK-FA.
Personal Notes:
Good performance, smooth framerate, everything works, including Launcher.

My System Specs:
- OS: OS X 10.8.2
- CPU: Intel Core i5 2.53GHz
- RAM: 8 GB
- Video: nVidia GT330M 256MB
- Disk Space: < replace this string with: disk space the finished port uses. example: 8.5GB >

Known Issues:

1. Extract the wrapper archive (double click on the .zip file)
2. Hold Fn + double click on the wrapper.
3. Click "Install Windows Software"
4. Browse to your "setup.exe" or similar
5. Complete the installation, SKIP THE DirectX, VCRuntime or .NET Installation Prompts at the End (Select "Cancel")
6. When done, you will get a prompt to choose the executable. Choose "GameLauncher.exe"
7. Close all windows.
8. Do NOT USE the Skidrow Crack. It doesn't work. Download the "Theta Crack". Don't ask me for a link, especially not via PM. You will get a report and possibly a ban.
9. Replace the executable with the cracked one in the wrapper. To do so:
i ) Right click on the wrapper, choose "Show Package Contents"
   ii ) Go to: drive_c/Program Files/Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters/
  iii ) Replace the old JASF.exe with the cracked one (Sorry, copy protection doesn't work.)
10. Close all windows and play!

Thanks for downloading!
Follow me on Twitter for updates and help on my wrappers: @ThanosSiopoudis

What's New in Version 1.0.1515 (See full changelog)

  • Initial Public Release


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

can't extract files
are you sure you got all four of them?
yup, when I download the zip. file even safari can't decompress it. And the other three files are not recognized by Unrarx nor Stuffit :(
you're right, I just tried and it doesn't join them.. weird.
I'll split it again with rar or 7zip and reupload, sorry for that.
Ok, the wrapper has been reuploaded, it's now a single .7z file
Ok, first thanks for your work. Installation worked very well. The launcher is starting and than I click on “save an launch”, but than I get a weird error massage “cannot save game settings. Check your permissions.”. Well, I'm the admin. Is there a file to edit? thank you for help!! :)
You don't know how long i have been trying to port this game!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

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