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Port Information

  • Submitted: Feb 27 2013 02:06 AM
  • Last Updated: Jan 02 2015 09:24 PM
  • Views: 9600
  • Downloads: 486

Wrapper Type & Video Card Compatibility

  • Wrapper Type: Wineskin
  • Wine Version: WS9Wine1.5.29

Wrapper Type Info

Wrappers have different Mac OS X compatibility!

Wineskin:   10.610.710.810.9
Cider:          10.610.710.810.9
CXZ/CXEx:  10.610.710.810.9

What is WINE & what is a Wrapper?

Video Card Info

 GREY          = not tested
 GREEN        = fully playable
 YELLOW     = playable with minor glitches
 ORANGE     = playable with some effort
 RED             = severe glitches / unplayable

Download this App Uplay 1.3

* * * * * 2 Votes Please vote for the Quality of this Port / Wrapper, not for the Game or Application!

It's not that I don't like porting or you guys either, really I do, but however I really do not have the time to update and mainly UPLOAD new updates that I perform the internet speeds in Australia are very poor.
Sorry guys if the Current version of the port does not work for you, But if you are desperate to play, you have 2 options
1. Ask on the forums, many people there are willing to help.
2. Learn how to port yourself, its really quite simple when you get the hang of it, just don't give up!

Uplay is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications service created by Ubisoft to provide an experience similar to the achievements/trophies offered by various other game companies. The service is provided across various platforms (PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Facebook, iPhone, iPad, and most recently revealed, OnLive) and is currently in beta stage and on Wii U, albeit it would not be ready for launch.[1] The Uplay app for the Wii U was released on 1 December 2012 on the Nintendo eShop.

Personal Notes:
This will not run your games! (It might SOME of the times) This is just to provide installation files

My System Specs:
- OS: OSX 1.7.5
- RAM: 2GB
- Video: Nvidia 320m 256MB

Update Instructions:
Get Wineskin Winery and Update to the latest Master Wrapper and download the latest stable Engine. (If you need help in doing this find some help on the Tutorial Section)
Hold the Fn key when opening up the app.
Open up Advanced from the small window.
Open Up tools and select "Update Wrapper"
Comeback to the Advanced\Tools Screen and then select "Change Engine Used" and select your choice of Engine. (The latest Stable one is recommended)

As usual Feel free to change the Screen options. (You may even want to activate the new Mac Driver!)

Known Issues:
May not connect for the 1st time if so try adding this to your /etc/hosts file (Thanks to Jero123 for this): static1.cdn.Ubi.com static2.cdn.Ubi.com static3.cdn.Ubi.com static4.cdn.Ubi.com static5.cdn.Ubi.com static6.cdn.Ubi.com static7.cdn.Ubi.com static8.cdn.Ubi.com static9.cdn.Ubi.com static10.cdn.Ubi.com static11.cdn.Ubi.com static12.cdn.Ubi.com static13.cdn.Ubi.com static14.cdn.Ubi.com static15.cdn.Ubi.com static16.cdn.Ubi.com static17.cdn.Ubi.com static3.cdn.ubi.com
number.28.187.165 static11.cdn.ubi.com

Preinstalled Just Unzip and Run
Will require install from the setup.exe from Ubisoft just select install software in wineskin

What's New in Version 1.3 (See full changelog)

  • 1.0 Initial Release
  • 1.1 Added Instructions on how to update your wrapper!
  • 1.2 Updated Link + Mac Driver
  • 1.3 Should Work with the latest version of Uplay

uplay sucks

apdonato, on 27 February 2013 - 04:10 PM, said:

uplay sucks
[VGTB] Is That the Best you can Do?
Do you have any advice on how to use similar launchers, like the one from Ghost Recon online? It would be useful to download such games. Sadly this isn't possible through the original Uplay.

Zephon, on 28 February 2013 - 10:22 PM, said:

Do you have any advice on how to use similar launchers, like the one from Ghost Recon online? It would be useful to download such games. Sadly this isn't possible through the original Uplay.
You can get Ghost Recon Launcher from Uplay then try launching that from my port if that does not work try setting wineskins exe path directly to the launcher.

Btw you need an account that has an age of 18+ to play that game through the launcher or it will hate you.
Zephon, have you gotten ghost recon online to work?
Doesn't ghost recon online require .NET 4.0? Hence, it wouldn't really be possible for it to work? ....or am I thinking of something else?
no, it uses 3.5
ok then my port has become a tom clancy port...
Well, I wasn't trying to play the game on your wrapper ghostmatrix. All I was looking for, was a way to download the game files. But no, I didn't got it to work. The file that is downloadable from the games site only functions solely for installing another launcher program for the game to update. I even tried it on my windows machine and copying the files over, but no luck either. The the then downloaded Launcher(.exe) has a so ridiculously placed filepath, that it won't be easy to get it recognized by the wrapper. Maybe with the registry files, which are created by the "GROLauncherEMEA.exe" (if run successfully on windows)

I guess the only way to make this work, is to download all game files on a windows machine first and then proceed to make a working wrapper. The downloader at least recognizes the .NET Framework. In this case the errors don't refer to it.

The Uplay wrapper works fine nonetheless, just not for some Ubisoft games using an individual launcher program.
Try finding a Standalone version online other than that i cant help... :(
Good Luck!
I have no idea what the damn happened but as soon as I started unzipping the file, all my stuff started moving to the trash bin. What the damn.
Lol thats weird...
is there a servay or a password needed?

RAT-INFECTS, on 20 November 2013 - 01:39 AM, said:

is there a servay or a password needed?
uPlay won't start. Wine would install uplay 4.3 but fails to start up.

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