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Port Information

  • Submitted: Feb 19 2014 04:49 AM
  • Last Updated: Feb 19 2014 04:49 AM
  • Views: 5953
  • Downloads: 266

Wrapper Type & Video Card Compatibility

  • Wrapper Type: Wineskin
  • Wine Version: Wineskin 2.5.12, WS9Wine1.7.12
  • ATI / AMD: GREY (not tested)
  • NVIDIA: YELLOW (playable w/ glitches)
  • Intel GMA: GREY (not tested)
  • Intel HD: YELLOW (playable w/ glitches)

Wrapper Type Info

Wrappers have different Mac OS X compatibility!

Wineskin:   10.610.710.810.9
Cider:          10.610.710.810.9
CXZ/CXEx:  10.610.710.810.9

What is WINE & what is a Wrapper?

Video Card Info

 GREY          = not tested
 GREEN        = fully playable
 YELLOW     = playable with minor glitches
 ORANGE     = playable with some effort
 RED             = severe glitches / unplayable

Download Wrapper Borderlands 2 Save Editor (Revision 230) 1.0

- - - - - Please vote for the Quality of this Port / Wrapper, not for the Game or Application!

Gibbed's Borderlands 2 Save Editor is a small and easy to use FREE application that can help you edit your Borderlands 2 saved game files.

With Gibbed's Borderlands 2 Save Editor you will also be able to customize your character, add money, seraph crystals, eridium and torgue tokens, add new weapons and other items.

NOTE: This application works with any version of the game.

Personal Notes:
- Requires installation of Samba 3 on your Mac. I used MacPorts to do this. Samba 4 may work too, I didn't try it.
- Wrapper contains the latest version of Borderlands 2 Save Editor (currently 230). Updating should be as easy as copying the latest version into the wrapper.
- Your save data is in ~/Library/Application Support/Borderlands 2/WillowGame/SaveData/<bignumber>/

My System Specs:
- OS: Mac OS X 10.9.1
- CPU:                 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
- RAM:                16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
- Video: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M
- Disk Space: 500GB Flash Storage

Known Issues:
Menu text sometimes fails to render. I've rated this YELLOW because of this, it's still functional but sometimes you have to guess what you are picking ;)

- Install Samba 3
- Copy wrapper to your Wineskin folder

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • 2014/02/18 - Submitted

If the drop down menus are glitching, you can use the up/down arrow keys to iterate through the menu items
Always good to have options but I like Bordertool 2

drthmik, on 22 February 2014 - 03:07 AM, said:

Always good to have options but I like Bordertool 2

Me too but afaik Bordertool 2 doesn't let you change your character class, which was my reason for making this port.

I don't like Borderlands 2 enough to play through from the start as another class! With this app you can switch class without losing your progress.

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