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Port Information

  • Submitted: Mar 14 2014 10:01 PM
  • Last Updated: Mar 15 2014 02:29 PM
  • Views: 2909
  • Downloads: 149

Wrapper Type & Video Card Compatibility

  • Wrapper Type: DOSBox

Wrapper Type Info

Wrappers have different Mac OS X compatibility!

Wineskin:   10.610.710.810.9
Cider:          10.610.710.810.9
CXZ/CXEx:  10.610.710.810.9

What is WINE & what is a Wrapper?

Video Card Info

 GREY          = not tested
 GREEN        = fully playable
 YELLOW     = playable with minor glitches
 ORANGE     = playable with some effort
 RED             = severe glitches / unplayable

Download this Classic Betrayal at Krondor

- - - - - Please vote for the Quality of this Port / Wrapper, not for the Game or Application!

- GMA : - GMA : GREY Untested

Game Description:
Betrayal at Krondor is a DOS-based role-playing video game developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra On-Line in the summer of 1993. Betrayal at Krondor takes place largely in Midkemia, the fantasy world developed by Raymond E. Feist in his Riftwar novels. The game is designed to resemble a book, separated into chapters and narrated in the third-person with a quick-save bookmark feature.

Personal Notes:
If you want the floppy version - doh123 - has it here - http://portingteam.c...yal-at-krondor/

The storyline is advanced primarily through literary cutscenes. Each chapter begins and ends with a cutscene, consisting of text, dialogue, and animations. The player meets various NPCs during their travels. Dialogue is text-based and some NPCs have their own pictures as well. Conversation is tree-based: in some cases, the player can choose between various dialogue keywords. This is used to get information, training, and items, sometimes for a price.

Port Info:
Port is OSXDosBoxWrapper Dosbox 0.74. Cd game with CD - audio. Manuals etc, included.

Minimum System Requirements:
- OS: Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger +
- CPU: Intel Core Processor
- RAM: 512MB
- about 750 megs of Hard Drive Space required

Known Issues:
- Gamepads not tested.

Mount the .dmg - Drag the game to your Application folder - click and play. - Playing off the mounted image - which you should not do - will not allow you to save.

How Do I combine Files check out @ http://portingteam.c...-combine-files/

How do I download from linksave: http://portingteam.c...rom-linksavein/

Recommend using jdownloader: http://portingteam.c...s-the-easy-way/ - > Safari web browser may not work.

Game Videos:



Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

Nice one. I always admire Waves interrests on bringing Good old Games to Mac :) One note though is that the Betrayal of Krodor is not free/abandonware. it's still available commercial on GOG.com: http://www.gog.com/g...ayal_at_krondor to avoid legal stuff i would suggest to get the game drm free there.

Offtopic, BETA of World of Warplanes will be up on my place today ;)

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