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Porting Center & Kit are Mac OS X apps developed by Vitor Marques de Miranda - which easily allows you to install windows programs in Mac OS X.
The purpose of Porting Center & Kit can be described with a simple story that repeats over and over again in the porting world: You want to play a game, so you will search on the web how to port that game (1) or look for a ready to use port (2). Let’s see what happens in each case:

(1) If you are a good porter (and there is some engine which can run that game), you may successfully create a functional and perfect port for that game, but what should you do next? Of course, do you want to share your wrapper with the world right? But first you will need to register yourself on a hosting website, since wrappers are heavy. And you need to remove your game files from the wrapper first, otherwise it would be piracy. Finished! Ops… Windows files are protected too… and now your wrapper was removed.

(2) You found the port! Cool! Now let’s download it… okay… just 100Mb left… … … finished! Now you need to disable your Mac security in order to play. Fine, I guess… Oh wait, the wrapper isn’t working! So I’ve wasted all that time for nothing?!

Probably that happened with many of you. The idea of Porting Center & Kit is to fix both cases using the WSI files, which work more or less like the TIE files of CrossOver, but instead they create Wineskin wrappers! Also, anyone can create them, using any CXSkin, CXZ, CXEx or Wineskin port! Now let’s see what happens in the WSI world, with the same story:

(1) If you are a good porter, you may successfully create a functional and perfect port for that game, but what should you do next? Of course, do you want to share your wrapper with the world right? Just open your wrapper with Porting Center, press “File -> Create WSI at…” and choose where to save it. Now, with that 1Mb file, you can upload it easily and fast anywhere, and anyone will be able to create a replica of your port! You can also send it to the Porting Project team, so it will be available in the Porting Kit database! And the best: no copyrights danger!

(2) You found the port in the Porting Kit list! Cool! Now let’s download it. It downloaded the most recent Wineskin Wrapper (if you don’t have it yet), it downloaded the engine (if you don’t have it yet), now it’s installing the winetricks, configuring, and finished! And I don’t need to disable my Mac security since the port was created on my own Mac! Oh… it isn’t working? No problem, I will send a mail in the “Contact Us” tab and ask for help.


- Porting Center is for Port Developers who want to share their work faster and without any copyrights trouble.
- Porting Kit is for Mac Gamers (including the developers) which want to install their games faster and without complications.


- Porting Center also has features which can help you with the port creation like: converting everything into ICNS and saving directly as the wrapper icon (even EXE and ICO files), edit the Wineskin MenuBar, get the main exe data (name, version, copyright and icon), and many other things.
- Porting Kit not only has a list with more than 300 available games: it also has a community, where you can share your WSI files, request games, request features for PC/PK, inform a bug, and many other things. Furthermore, the game list also has a voting system which allows you to vote how was the game performance on your graphic card. In that way, people with the same graphic card than you will know that the game has less/more chance of working with them, so they won’t need to waste their time downloading a port if it won’t work with them.

What are you still doing there reading that sentence? Visit portingkit.com and give Porting Center & Kit a try! Both are 10.8+, but there is also the 10.6+ Legacy version.

The link to the fourms here are: http://portingteam.c...4513#entry94513


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