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The Darkness II

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Official Mac Game Release:

The Darkness II

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Seems like the year-long wait mac users always had for high grade Games on OSX is now gradually shortening. (Mostly thanks to Cider or Wine, *cough* )

The Darkness II is a first person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes and published by 2K. The game is a sequel to the 2007 Title "The Darkness", which release date fell quite in the dark (no pun intended) by some heavy games released that month, coupled with 360/PS3-only availability. The Darkness II release date was pushed back a little to avoid the same mistake again for the (now different) developer. TransGaming, masters of Cider, ported the game to Mac OS X and the Port is now available on the Mac App Store (currently on sale for $29.99 / €22.80, full price $49.99) and on Steam. ($49.99)

Read on for more info

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In the two years since the events of the first game, Jackie Estacado has become the don of the Franchetti crime family. Though he still wields the Darkness, a malevolent force that has given him supernatural powers, Jackie has suppressed the entity, thanks to guidance from estranged occultist Johnny Powell. Jackie still struggles with the death of his girlfriend, Jenny Romano, which the Darkness had prevented him from stopping.

The game is based on the comic book series The Darkness; The author of the original comic has written the story and screenplay for this game, which provides a sense of suspense and horror with a game that has blood, gore and violence. The game itself goes in depth and provides a interactive comic book style adventure throughout making a great play for fans of the original and fans of the comic.  (http://www.embraceth...om/us/info.html)

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The Darkness II follows the same control scheme as the first game, but adds quad wielding, a combat action which allows Jackie Estacado to use both The Darkness and firearms simultaneously.
This feature adds a sense of more aggressive combat in the game which lives up to the comic and surpasses the efforts of the first game. Also on top of the new combat features, The Darkness II utilizes the dark noir look by adding comic like shading combined with the dramatic lighting of film noir. Collectively with all the new features and perks The Darkness II pays tribute to the origin material and brings the pages of the comic to life.

New graphics, new combat, new plot. What are the reviews?

The game received mixed to positive reviews from critics.

Here are the overall reviews of the game and quotes from reviewers:

"The comic book style violence of The Darkness II doesn't merely shock, but delivers a sense of empowerment" (IGN 8/10)

"Excellent voice acting and sound effects." (Gamespot 7/10)

The game's overall rating on Metacritic is 77/100.

The game is promising and is a must play for thriller and shooter fans everywhere. The game is available on Steam and the Mac App Store.

Here is the trailer for the game:

thanks for hmtinc for the heads up!


original article by hmtinc :D
Yay :D
Hey does anybody have the official cider wrapper for the game. Cause i own the pc version of the game.

hmtinc, on 04 May 2012 - 09:24 PM, said:

Yay :D
Hey does anybody have the official cider wrapper for the game. Cause i own the pc version of the game.
I thought You can download cider from Steam... PC version is requires Steam too... Look this: http://cl.ly/GMds

And great article, hmtinc!
Edit: Rated 5 stars. :)
Im grateful they stepped up the gameplay mechanics from the first one
If i am not wrong you can change font color windows 10 which is quite good.

Jan 13 2018 03:40 AM
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This release of Shadow II is very engaging, thanks for sharing this great game.
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