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AlterIWNet MW2 Now Available for Mac!

Featured Port: Front Page Spotlight
AlterIWNet - Modern Warfare 2

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The AlterIWNet Mac Port is the product of dozens, maybe hundreds of hours of hard work put forth by Porting Team team member Drakulix. He's been in close contact with the developers of alterIWNet and had persuaded them to implement certain functions in order to have a working wrapper for Mac port enthusiasts. Without his hard work this project would never have come to light which is why we here at the Porting Team believe that this phenomenal port deserves to be spotlighted.

Thanks for all the hours of hard work put forth in the creation and development of the Mac AlterIWNet port.

Read on for more info
Port Database Entry: AlterIWNet - Modern Warfare 2
Porter(s): Drakulix & rynotheking14

Another upcoming wrapper will soon be released by rynotheking14. His wrapper (which utilizes a large portin of Drakulix's work) will be Cider based. Although performance is slightly better, there are other issues that impede a green rating on it. Best of luck to ryno, here's hoping he can get it running smoothly!

Now for some info on AlterIWNet - http://alteriw.net/

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alterIWnet is a modification for the popular game Modern Warfare 2, allowing you to play the game as it was meant to be played - with dedicated servers and various other additional features.

alterIWnet features
Dedicated servers
Play Modern Warfare 2 with fully-customizable dedicated servers, allowing lag-free gameplay and administration to get rid of cheaters. Don't like dedicated servers, don't worry - the classic matchmaking is available as well.

Another typical feature of PC games that was severely lacking in the original Modern Warfare 2, alterIWnet allows you to play with various modifications and new game modes, including Black Ops' player-favorite Gun Game, Sharpshooter and One in the Chamber game modes, as well as fan-made sniper-only or Old School game modes.

Developer console
Don't you just hate it when your game decides to not work, or do you love spending hours tweaking every last bit of your game, and were you annoyed at the lack of a developer console in MW2 - no need to worry, alterIWnet includes a separate developer console without restrictions*, with a fully-functional in-game console planned for future releases.

*) except during hosting of matchmaking sessions, and cheat protection of variables

Maintained anticheat
alterIWnet also features a continuously-maintained anti-cheat system which pretty much automatically prevents cheating from ever occurring, to ensure undisturbed gaming pleasure.

Custom content
alterIWnet includes the ability to have somewhat-custom content, including ported versions of singleplayer levels to completely new multiplayer levels*, custom weaponry**, sounds and skins for weapons/other textures.

*) planned feature for future releases, a limited demo is available
**) unconfirmed feature based on theoretical disassembly of code


Great work Drakulix, nice to see this port finally happen!
This is record breaking, THE BEST/ONLY PORTED Mw2 MOD EVER!
AWESOME, used to play alot of alteriw on my old pc but then got a mac and stopped, thanks and good workk!!!!
downloading the AlteriWnet thing now. Will finish in a couple of hours and then, i will patch up and see how it is. Hopefully there is no lag in gameplay and it runs smoothly. My computer matches more than the required specs mentioned except for the graphics card. But then i will have to set it to low detail and graphics in the gameplay options. Anyway, hope this doesn't disappoint... :D
"Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x770d20c0 at address 0x10001901. Do you wish to debug it?"

If i hit yes = QUIT
if i hit no = QUIT

What do i do now?
@Bl4ckj4ck.: PM Drakulix (the porter of the topic) , or ask around in the Port's comments.


In the Port's Topic, click on the big green 'Download Wrapper' Button, like for every other Port in the Port Database?
i cant find the DOWNLOAD WRAPPER button!!!! but there's a site where you can download 17 files of the alteriw mw2 version for mac, but file 6 is been removed:s
oww my bad file 6 isn't removed sorrry!!!:) here you can download alteriwnet mw2 for mac....  the password is: mojado
hey i have  a problem with the wineskin wrapper... when i start a game it wont start:s. and if i now want to start the wrapper it gives me an error: steam must sineged in or something
Great Work
I love you you're the best
Thanks for the wrapper, but the MW2 app hangs just after the login-screen
here is the error log (hope it helps)


props. Much thanks. Tired of my pc.
Sweet, this is so epic. Thanks so much! I hate steam
Wohoooo ...
Every time I open the game and login, i get an error:
Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x770d20c0 at address 0x10001901.
Do you wish to debug it?
If I click yes it crashes and if i click no it crashes!
Make a vid TUT! I dont know what to do! HELP!!!! :(
"Exeption raised

Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x7a00a2f9 at address 0x10001950.
Do you wish to debug it?"

WTF?? I already played one hour yesterday and it ran best at maximum settings!! Ahh!!!! I wanna play!!!
"Every time I open the game and login, i get an error:
Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x770d20c0 at address 0x10001901.
Do you wish to debug it?
If I click yes it crashes and if i click no it crashes!"

This is happening to me too! What do I do???
Could you please get this working for leopard? Thanks