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Portingteam News

Merry Christmas From the PortingTeam.

Dec 25 2015 04:12 AM | waves in Portingteam News | 6985 Views

Merry Christmas to all. We hope you have time to spend with friends, and love ones, during the holidays.

If you are alone on Christmas, enjoy your down time, and relax through the end of the season.

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Wrapper Damaged on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks?

Mar 13 2014 04:46 PM | waves in Portingteam News | 26695 Views

Short answer - they are not. - Here is how to fix it.

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Merry Christmas

Dec 25 2013 04:00 AM | waves in Portingteam News | 23769 Views

Merry Christmas, from the Portingteam.

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1500 Ports

Sep 02 2013 08:18 PM | dankoB in Portingteam News | 7197 Views

Today is a day to make note of if you are a fan of the Porting Teams work. It's pretty cool to be able to say that today....

Posted Image

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The Weekly Dose #1

May 20 2013 10:00 PM | Skylarzz in Portingteam News | 6744 Views

The Weekly Dose

20 May 2013

Posted Image

Hi all, Skylarzz here. At the moment the front page is pretty dead, so in hope to get it going again, the weekly dose was made. I recently came up with the idea from browsing the forums and hence here it is, so things will be different then previous Articles, hopefully you all enjoy it. I'd love to here what you guys think about the first article in the line of many more (hopefully). Anyways, I'll stop talking about this now and get straight into it. Enjoy!

So recently the gaming side of macs has sprung up again, with heaps of new games coming out this month new ports are sure to follow. Doh123’s wineskin has stepped up a notch and has been noticed more in the gaming community, especially the OS X side of games. There's some interesting updates coming your way so keep an eye out and read in on the weekly news below.

Read on for more info

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Portingteam Offical IRC Channel

Dec 16 2012 04:00 AM | waves in Portingteam News | 5742 Views

Did you know the Portingteam has an IRC channel? Continue reading, and learn how to join.

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Port Database Nexus & My Nexus Pages

May 20 2012 04:46 PM | devilhunter in Portingteam News | 7185 Views

Ideas are the start of everything. And once in a while, a good one also pops up here. :)

If you are visiting us here, all bets are on that you are going to check out our Port Database.
Mac OSX Wrappers for PC Games, Ported Applications, or Freeware & Classic Ports, the Port Database has got them all.

The Port Database is easily searchable for anything, Ports can be easily posted & downloaded. But every system has a little downside.
Due to the overwhelming amount of Ports we got in it, submitted by various members, porters and users, it's becoming a little pita adventure to navigate through it.
Categories aren't helping much when you've got nearly 1200 working Ports in it, so keeping up with the latest Ports or searching are most likely the best options a system like the Port Database can give it's users.

But there can always be something better, or at least an alternative.
And a few days ago, we made a little something called the Port Database Nexus & the My Nexus Pages.

read on for what makes it great

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Welcome to the Porting Team v3!

Dec 27 2011 07:59 PM | in Portingteam News | 8488 Views

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Porting Team v3!

Throwing out everything old & buggy we're starting over again with a great foundation to build upon.
Lots of new things & improvements everywhere, and we're highlighting a few things here that we think that everyone will enjoy.

We have: a new System, a new Style, a new Port Database, a new Forum, a new Shoutbox, and a new Front Page and much much more.

Read on for what's new!

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