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Port Database Nexus & My Nexus Pages

Ideas are the start of everything. And once in a while, a good one also pops up here. :)

If you are visiting us here, all bets are on that you are going to check out our Port Database.
Mac OSX Wrappers for PC Games, Ported Applications, or Freeware & Classic Ports, the Port Database has got them all.

The Port Database is easily searchable for anything, Ports can be easily posted & downloaded. But every system has a little downside.
Due to the overwhelming amount of Ports we got in it, submitted by various members, porters and users, it's becoming a little pita adventure to navigate through it.
Categories aren't helping much when you've got nearly 1200 working Ports in it, so keeping up with the latest Ports or searching are most likely the best options a system like the Port Database can give it's users.

But there can always be something better, or at least an alternative.
And a few days ago, we made a little something called the Port Database Nexus & the My Nexus Pages.

read on for what makes it great
Port Database Nexus

The Port Database Nexus is an addition to the normal Port Database; a few custom pages that display the contents of the Port Database in a different way.

You will find the Port Database Nexus pages on the top of the main content box.
Posted Image

The Nexus Tabs (links) are self-explanatory, and clicking on them reveals something like this:

Posted Image

Mac App Store-like much? Indeed it is.
The Port Database Nexus is inspired by the Mac App Store as well as and some app wall projects, and it displays a Nexus of Ports that you'd normally not see with the normal Port Database interface.
The Port Database is the general collective place for Ports, neatly categorized and easy to find what you're looking for via categories or search, while the Nexus is meant for sharing.

Now the latest and greatest is just on a simple page, and one can easily share this info with others; may be on Twitter, Forums or YouTube.

more info here:
Port Database Nexus - more info
Port Database Nexus - Announcement

So good so far, but this isn't the real strength of the Port Database Nexus.

My Nexus

The second Part of the Port Database Nexus are the My Nexus pages.

Everyone who submits something to the Port Database will automatically get a My Nexus page.
A Nexus page from a typical Porter can look like this;

Posted Image

Looking at a member's My Nexus page is a great way to see what they have accomplished, what Ports they have submitted and the quality/rating of their Ports.

Also the My Nexus page gives Porters (members who submitted a Port) a good chance to make some additional wind for themselves.
Few downloads on your Ports because there's so much 'competition'? Take the fight to the web and post a link to your Nexus page wherever you like.

Or like the Ports from a User? Share their Nexus Page with others.

My Nexus pages - more info

The Port Database Nexus and the My Nexus Pages are currently just a preview what can be done in this direction, and will continue to get improved.


Very nice!!
Edit : great job syao
Lulz, nice article here. :)
very awesome
It look pretty nice :3


Categories aren't helping much when you've got nearly 1200 working Ports in it
Um, I count roughly 900 working ports…
Posted Image
I think you counted the Port Graveyard number by accident.

Rhubarb, on 26 June 2012 - 10:18 PM, said:

Um, I count roughly 900 working ports…

I think you counted the Port Graveyard number by accident.

No, the Game Backups section counts, too. :)
See my first screenshot, something is different from yours.

devilhunter, on 16 July 2012 - 05:20 PM, said:

No, the Game Backups section counts, too. :)
See my first screenshot, something is different from yours.
I'll try with that huge arrow in the way lol
Oh, yeah, I disabled "Game Backups" on my account.  But, aren't "Game Backups" just wrappers from the "Game Ports" section with the original games already in them?  Sensei says this in the official tutorial:


Game Backups are ready-to-run Game Ports that (usually) do not require any tinkering to get them working at all.
He's capitalised "Game Backups" and "Game Ports", indicating he's referring to the Port Database sections and not game ports in general.
*shrug* I still think you're misrepresenting, but the 1000 barrier is clearly important to you, so who am I to argue :)
This is really a pretty amazing list. I am at home I'm really hoping that using this list I'll be able to download DCUO and be able to play it once again! (fingers definitely crossed!)
Your Nexus portal database is great. It helps a lot in my work.
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