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Welcome to the Porting Team v3!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Porting Team v3!

Throwing out everything old & buggy we're starting over again with a great foundation to build upon.
Lots of new things & improvements everywhere, and we're highlighting a few things here that we think that everyone will enjoy.

We have: a new System, a new Style, a new Port Database, a new Forum, a new Shoutbox, and a new Front Page and much much more.

Read on for what's new!
- Entirely new System!
Instead of the good 'old phpBB3 we are now using Invision Power.
This online system powers most of the biggest content & support related Websites out there, and gives us flexibility & expandability beyond everything else we had so far.
Lots of things here have smooth animations and beautiful AJAX-functions, with strong relation to the Human Interface Guidelines.

- New (temporary) Style!
Begone with the old & dark Layout of the Porting Team Forums, everything is now easy on the eyes and great to look at.
Most community studies showed that lighter styles are better accepted than darker styles.
Plus we wanted to get rid of the dark 'hacker-like theme'. ^^
We say the style is temporary, because the whole system is entirely new and not stress tested.
After we see how things work out, we'll get our own customized style for our system. (also light-ish style)

- New Port Database!
Many people thought that Ports should be posted somewhere extra, and not in a cramped Forum.
Now we'll introduce the Port Database, where everyone can easily share their Ports with everyone else.
Posting a new Port is insanely easy, there are custom fields for everything.
Just link to a file, upload some screenshots, make a description, and select some entries from the pre-defined fields related to the Port.
Everyone can view these Posts, and with a quick login you can quickly download them.

- New Forum!
The Forum system is nice to look at & works great, coupled with the new lighter style and lots of options that the old phpBB3 Forum did not have.
Look around a bit, there is neat stuff to discover in every corner.
Now that the Port Sections moved to the separate Port Database, it also doesn't look so cramped anymore.

- New Blog!
Perhaps not so much bling as before with the Wordpress Blog, but the new Front Page is tightly integrated with every function in the whole system.
No more extra signups to Wordpress to comment on something on the Front Page, everything here is managed with one free account.
Port Database, Front Page, Forum, Shoutbox, everything is here for you with minimal hassle.
Articles are easier to post, too; and even Forum Topics can be highlighted as Front Page Articles.

- New Shoutbox!
A new & improved Shoutbox is located on the Bottom of the Forum Index, and on an extra Tab in the Navigation bar.
Also a very good improvement on the Admin side if i'll may add here, the old phpBB chat clogged up the SQL Database very quickly.
The new shoutbox cleans itself.

And a few Notes from us:
Because the System is so new (to us), at first we won't be able to know immediately what's going on everywhere if you encounter a Bug, or you have a question about something.
Give us a little time, most of the Moderators and the Admins have not had the option to check out this new System. We're learning like you to make this our new home.

The Port Database is rather empty now, but syao made a very good converter to convert old phpBB Forum Posts to the new Port Database.
It will take a few weeks from the Team Members to convert all Ports (with all Comments) into the Port Database.
If you don't want to wait for us to convert your existing Port (again with all Comments), feel free to take your info about your Port and Post it in the new Port Database yourself.
(existing comments won't get carried over if you Post a old Port From the Forum yourself)
New Ports can be added by you like normal.

Also while we're at it, we'll throw out some of useless Forum sections from the old Board, like the Emulator Sections or the native Games sections.
A little housecleaning to make the Forum look better.

Thanks to the new Porting Team System go to:
- devilhunter: spending months putting this thing together.


Now THIS is how it should be here; i think the sleepless nights were worth it. (i think i need a vacation...)

- Korich: managing the financial background and doing SQL imports & maintenance


Let's change Apple Mac gaming! )))

- syao: developing the Forum to Database Topic importer & helping with php-fixes


This took us forever since it was planned, but it's finally a worthy place for Mac gamers. I guess the cake wasn't a lie after all.

- thedoctor45: being the helpful fellow in everything that he always is ^^


THIS is it guys!

- RazorPro: The Porting Team's Chief Designer & Graphics Wonder


Without further ado, here's Porting Team v3 :)

- and everyone else from the Team and the Community for their support.

Expect lots of great things in the future, with the new System we the future to build on.

Leave a Comment, it's appreciated. :)

-The Porting Team


First? :D
Congrats on the move. Hopefully I'll be a part of it.
This is sooo... beautyful. The black/grey colour scheme was really uncomfortable.

Now on to explore the rest of the site :)
Alright, in with the new!
This'll take me a couple of days to get acquainted with. :D
Nice work!
I like the new layout, it has a more upbeat look to it than the black one. I can't wait to explore the site.

Though I miss the hacker layout... >;)
Congratulations on the new site!
I miss the way it used to look but I prefer whatever you guys think is more stable. Also, can you guys please tell me how to re-install Xquartz? I accidentally installed X11 for Leopard. I looked it up and downloaded the .dmg file but I don't know if it safe. Any ideas?
Im upset that I learned about porting just now in these moments of making the new site because i can't see any content as I am so excited to get started. However, am happy and willing to wait as long as it takes for the new site to be up. All in all i guess i came in at a good point, seems like things are really looking good for the evolution of mac gaming. Thanks guys!!!!
i wish you guys BIG LUCK with this!
this seems to be very promising!
This is the new site. All content can be accessed via the menu at the top of the page.
Very nice job guys. I would have loved to have helped with the development of the site, but my college studies have kept me away from my porting activities and the porting team forum.
Really nice work with the new site! The Wrapper DB is something I really missed at the old site. Good job!
Gosh this is good! :D
I love it ! :D
great job!

is there any chance to bring back the freeware ports?
All previous sections will come back.
Just logged into the site after a long time and I've got to say I am happy everything went smooth and loving the new site with the sleek port database and everything.

Good job guys!! :)
the new site is so beautiful ! congratulations
Very nice works guys!!!
i love the new site
this is the new site? and the new files?
@sebolito: Click on the link labelled "Port Database".
I am very much looking forward to this. :D
oh and what are warning posts?