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The Weekly Dose #2 - Quickie Time!

Quickie Time!

1 June 2013

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Hi all, Skylarzz here. Over the past week there hasn’t been much news and hence posting the weekly dose has now been officially changed to every two weeks [pending news cycle] (don’t worry, there won’t be any more postponing) but in the meantime between each article there will be a small update like this one (Thanks to Waves for the help with this) so let's get started.

Read on for more info

Big News (Kinda)

First on the list, DICE has recently opened up a job position for a Mac OS X Engineer stating, and I quote, “Frostbite is looking for developers...You will be part of a team focusing on bringing Frostbite to Mac and deliver an engine as great on OS X as it is on Windows and traditional console platforms.” This should be interesting...then again, DICE is somewhat controlled by EA (and we all know about them) so don’t expect anything special happening for a while.

So instead of waiting for anything special, Mac game store and Feral Interactive have teamed up to announce a special bundle with six game titles from Feral including; Batman: Arkham Asylum, Star Wars Lego (The Complete Saga), Dirt 2 and Battlestations Pacific. The sale will take place between Monday 27th May and Sunday 2nd June. All games are on sale for $19.99. Normally it would cost you 149.99 if sold separately.

Small News (Fun things as well)

Now that we’ve gotten them BIG news out of the way (unless you want to start a console war that is) lets get into small things....

There’s the Humble Indie Bundle 8 up for grabs. For those that don’t know what it is, the HIB is a bundle of 5 great indie games of which you can pay literally anything to buy, or you could pay more than the average price to get 2 extra games.
Bundle 8 includes Little Inferno, Dear Esther, Thomas was Alone, Hotline Miami, and more.

The Humble Weekly Bundle is also up for grabs. This includes some fantastic Telltale Titles. The Walking Dead, Back To The Future, Sam and Max: Devil's Playhouse, and more.

And in small but interesting news, the Apple 1 has sold for $671,400 at  an auction, check out further details here.

That is it for this week, hopefully more news will pop up and everything will be alright. Once again, I’m Skylarzz (a.k.a the best news girl ever) and happy gaming ^_^.

Until next time,

~ Skylarzz


Again, another great article! Keep them coming!
I love those jokes you include in the parenthesis.
haha, thanks guys... Lemme know what you think of the article ideas as well.
Awesome! :D.
I liked the the "Whats been ported" section from your previous article, Perhaps include it in your next article. Some people may find it helpful to see what has recently been ported!
Has the "What's been ported" section been removed or is it just because this is a different article?

PS: oh.. you're a girl. I had no idea. :P
@yzane Its going to be in the article every two weeks...this ones just a small filler so its not in this article.

PS: Yush...Imma girl...apparently the only girl here heh -_- :P

Skylarzz, on 03 June 2013 - 09:34 AM, said:

PS: Yush...Imma girl...apparently the only girl here heh -_- :P
No, you are not :)
We have some really important girls in the porting scene. at the moment 90% of the ports around here are made by tools she made :D
Cool read, keep it up! No idea DICE wanted some OS X Engineers, cool to know. The HIB8 sure looks awesome, expect for Thomas Was Alone, I really thought it was a pretentious game made by a hipster.
Great article
oh and your main image is no longer avalible , you may want to re upload it
@hmtinc yup, fixing it....
@cluthz Oh yeh I forgot about Doh....she's pretty cool then heh :D
Another, great article.