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The Weekly Dose #3

The Weekly Dose #3

June 12 2013

Hello world, Skylarzz here. This week has been crazy mad so far, everyone is going nuts (or at least everyone I know, including me). In this article we’re going to go into an extensive detail of me. Why you ask? You’ll see. Also on the agenda is coverage of E3, even if its all consoles at the moment. After that we’ll talk about the very interesting (and possibly exciting) Apple’s WWDC that just took place and finally go into some small, slightly more relaxing news. Get ready for the biggest article yet.... Enjoy :)

Read on for more info

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Okay, before you all think “Oh god, a girl talking about herself....” we need to get this done, to solve some questions and stuff, basically we’re talking about me, the author of the weekly dose. So if any of you haven’t yet noticed, I’m the only author here at the moment, and it is great that quite a bunch of you are helping me with information. Though we need to set up foundation here on whats going on with the Weekly Dose and to finally lay out how its going to work. (Brace yourselves)

In the starting issues the posting, and writing of the weekly dose is all over the place (for me at least). The weekly dose will be kept at once EVERY week, no short random news unless its important. Forget last weeks ‘one every two weeks’ deal, I’ve scrapped that idea due to some interesting feedback by great friends (as I like to call them) that have focused on the idea of the news cycle.

Now that its going back to once a week though, the news may not always be ‘BIG’ in a sense of comparing it to this one. Sometimes the issue will be a bit smaller than usual, sometimes bigger (like this one). The main reasons for this is that, one, the Mac community isn’t that huge in gaming news, let alone regular news, and two being that I’m in year 11 which can get me stressed and will decrease the time I have to work on this, but don’t worry as between school and family issues I am either, on the porting team, writing articles or reading a fan fic....possibly watching anime at the same time.

So as always, tell me what you think of everything in the articles, give me feedback and even some constructive criticism. I also realized people might think I’m getting frustrated with this, well I’m not, so don’t worry :)


I hope that last part wasn’t too big, and I hope this parts' title got you interested. E3 was HUGE this year, and most of the games there are coming to PC (with hopefully Dx9 support) which means more games for everyone! Now, all you are most likely thinking that I’m going to brag about consoles and such...well I ain’t. I’m just saying though, these consoles are black boxes, but thankfully Sony actually did it right and Xbox gave us a top box of online TV (see no bragging there, its not like I chose a side (You didn’t click on the links right?))

Anyways, E3 was fun, bunch of news got shown off, and I’m looking forward to spend some cash on Steam...for the games...that they showed....that is all.


One of the highlights of this amazing week is Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide developer’s conference) which has announced many things ranging from OS to iOS to Circles (Yes, you read that right, Circles). First off the charts, Apple revealed a new iOS, now while this is only for mobile products, I find it worth the share (I love my iPod.....its a girl thing) the new iOS (iOS 7) is completely redesigned and sorta like Android, except will probably work better (Don’t kill me if you prefer Android, opinions people).

Next is the Mac Pro which looks sexy as hell and is a....circle. Two times faster than the old Mac Pro, this new addition has a ‘central thermal core’ running on 12-core Intel Xeon processor, Flash storage, supports 4K displays and is available at the end of the year, no price yet.

After the Mac Pro we’ve got the new Mac Air which again is a sexy slim beast of a machine. I’ll let you discover the details as we need to get to the next thing.

That is, the brand new OS X Mavericks (I wish it was still called after cats). The new OS X,10.9, features great new additions such as a better Safari, Finder Tabs, iBooks, Maps, Notifications synced with your iOS product, multiple displays and much more. The main important stuff right here that I’m sure we all want to know is if 10.9 supports Open GL 4, well guess what, IT DOES! Now some people may think its not a big deal but it is (I’m not entirely sure why, leave that question for the boys down in the comments section (I’m looking at you Dan))


Doh has released the very first 1.6 release candidate which shows off new features such as GLSL support for vertex shaders, typelib creation support, support for desktop launchers in virtual desktop mode and a ton of bug fixes.

Also, along with that their are some engines with X at the end of them.....if you've read the shoutbox lately then you'd see that (other than me and Hrachya annoying each other) I, along with some other people were confused about it, but thanks to all the smart ones out there, I can state that their simply modified engines which in this case use X11. So head over to the WineHQ and get yourself some 1.6! :)


Now that that is all over, go nuts over these ports that came out recently:

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and Element4l by HyperTsunaz
Resident Evil Revelations by Exzo
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 by bonjour2X
GoldenEye: Source by ghostmatrix101

also, another port I highly recommend (I play it more than battlefield 3 on my ps3) is Neverwinter Online by DanIsTheMan.

No OMG this time...just END

Now to finally end this article....that was long. Thanks to you all for support, except Hrachya....I’M NOT SHORT (for those wondering I’m 5’8....not short..NOT). So with this article finally over, drop some feedback in the comments and as always, happy gaming!

Until next time,

~ Skylarzz



If you read through you will see that Apple is just giving a bunch of words and numbers without telling you anything about the Mac Pro, fooling the moronic media into believing that it is good. They don't even mention WHICH Xeon processor it is, and WHAT GPUs do they have, or HOW MUCH the ram is. All they talk about is bandwidth and teraflops. I'm sorry, what? That doesn't tell me ANYTHING! They are just filling people with BS.

EDIT: Forgot - you did a good job with the article.
Great Article again!  Enjoyed reading it while in the gym! OpenGL may not be beneficial towards wineskin but its probably a bonus towards Mac native games that use openGL 3.0+ . Perhaps it means a performance increase for higher end cards. Also, i like the specs of the new mac pro but really i think i prefer my 800d chassis.. I don't like the mac pro's case at all!
Awesome article again! Now that it's summer holiday, i'll be able to help you with the articles! :D.
Thanks for the huge response Dan, makes me happier to see SOMEONE liked it :)

Oh and sure thing will, look forward to working with ya.
I love The Weekly Dose! Keep up the good work!
Thanks dude!
Another great article! I wish i had the money to actually get any of the next-gen consoles or new mac pros and Macbook Air. Thanks for mentioning my newest ports again lol.
No probs Hyper, I like your ports so by my standards, they have to be in their :)

HyperTsunaz, on 15 June 2013 - 11:53 AM, said:

Another great article! I wish i had the money to actually get any of the next-gen consoles or new mac pros and Macbook Air. Thanks for mentioning my newest ports again lol.
You are in Europe right? You could probably save quite a bit of money by just ordering a PS4 from the US Amazon website, thats what i plan on doing if i ever decide to get a PS4 (Just for the exclusives of course, PC Still wins!).

Skylarzz, on 15 June 2013 - 12:09 PM, said:

they have to be in their :)

My work here is done!
I'm from Singapore lol, in South East Asia.
Great article. TWD is what makes the home page lively. Apple ran out of cat names, and since Mountain Lion was the ultimate of cats, they had to call it something else.
yeh....thats a bummer....I really liked them calling it after cats
i think it's about time they deviated from the cats thing. dunno why they went mavericks though.

Great article. I appreciate the fact that it had more WWDC news rather than E3. My feed has been all about E3 recently.
Yay made front page!

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haha, some people  like only talk about their self

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