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How to Make your games run again after OS updates

Have your wrappers stopped working on your Macintosh after you installed Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 or Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2?

We have a fix! - What is old is new again!
Have your wrappers stopped working after you installed 10.7.5 or 10.8.2?

Fear not, the process to update them takes less than a minute!

Here is a quick video tutorial for those who are struggling to get them working!

Get the Wineskin Winery here:

Article By Cluthz:

Team Edit By Waves:

Also what happens if you Download something that says it is only supported by Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leo or lower, such as a CXZ Port - Or Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or lower such as an old Chromium Port?

You can update it with Wineskin to make it work again:

The fix can be done fairly easily (Original source material from the Wineskin page - tweaked slightly):

1. Download Wineskin Winery - see link above.

2. Create a new Wrapper. You need to determine which Engine to use - If possible use the same Engine as the original Port as that Engine is known to work. You may need to try different engines to get it to work however. * Note if the Port is still here - the original Engine used is likely in the description.

3. Copy the actual "drive_c" folder from the CX based wrapper and replace the drive_c folder in the new Wineskin wrapper.  Make sure you replace the actual drive_c in Contents -> Resources, and not just the link to it that is by Wineskin.app.  - To Find the c_drive folder - Right click the application - show package contents.

4. Copy the three .reg files from the other wrapper and replace the three .reg files in your Wineskin wrapper in Contents -> Resources

5. Run Wineskin.app and set up the configuration the way it needs to be... the EXE, the menubar names, versions, etc... and you can select the Icon out of the old wrapper as well.

6. Go to Wineskin.app -> Advanced -> Tools, and do a Refresh Wrapper

* Notes

1. You may need to change engines to get the program to work - or configure the Screen Resoultion

2. Some games run better in CX / Crossover - it is just a fact.  A good example is Final Fantasy VIII - it runs better in CX.  As such the performance may not be as good. Also I have found some games will not run in Wineskin that do run in CX / Crossover - this is rare however.


I forgot to add.

If you are having problems with Dosbox games that use the OSXDosBox Wrapper - they will not launch if the game is set to launch in full screen.

To change this - right click on the app - Show package contents - Navigate to Contents/Resources - there is a dosbox.conf file there - click it.

Go down to where it says fullscreen=true - and change it to fullscreen=false.

Save your changes.

The game should now launch.  If you wish to play in full screen press alt+enter to toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode.



Nice :)
thanks - i did this update with portal 2 (the one shown in the video), it works well!
Added OSXDosbox wrapper fix.
Thanks, but what about updating cider games????

Manuel, on 18 December 2012 - 10:21 PM, said:

Thanks, but what about updating cider games????

Should not be needed. All my old cider games does run on ML too.
Help.... I am confused.. I want to update Bully but I am lost..
Wait NVM. I'm updating it.. Thanks. :)
Sorry for the third comment in a row.. But: To Copy the .reg files and drive_c you must you command+c and then command+v or else it will give you an alias and that will not work
I try to update streets of rage remake (v5), but the game is too speed, somebody know why?
I followed the steps.
First, Downloaded Wineskin.
Second, Updated it to 2.5.8
The third step is to find the downloaded windows application, and click show package contents.
The fourth step is to double click the included wineskin app in those contents.
Now see, the fourth step is where I get stuck. Trying to do this with Lunar Magic, but there IS NO WINESKIN IN THOSE CONTENTS.

I got it from here.
However.. I followed the instructions hoping that it would work for a different game. That game is Age of Empires 2.
I followed all the steps flawlessly (no problems, unlike lunar magic). I must note that the wrapper was ALREADY 2.5.8 in that case, but as the video said, I updated it twice anyway.
Now, it still doesn't work. I double click the app at the end in the same fashion as you did assasins creed to open it. It opens in the dock, I can go to the app and it's working fine.. But, nothing happens. Normally it should start a cinematic, something!

Edit: that was the result after using stuffit expander. I used keka instead.. and I get to the first cinematic! My NEW computer slows down though, and there is no sound, and it crashes. Driver problem, i don't know.
GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!! It really works!!!!
Now if somebody would find a way to get PowerPC-Games to run under Lion/MountainLion again...
xThomas here, I have no idea whether this helped or not. Bt I got into te basics of changing engines and messing around with settings and even system preferences. Age of Empires II and the new expansion works!

I still have no idea how to do this for Lunar Magic - there is no included Wine app inside the package with which to mess around the settings.
Try reading, rather then yelling or using Caps Lock key. Lunar Magic is CXE thus no Wineskin app inside.

Guide says what to do in those cases.
My Nba 2k13 still crashing. Any help?
Any way I can get written instructions. Youtube videos do not work in my region.

dilemina, on 16 February 2013 - 09:13 AM, said:

Any way I can get written instructions. Youtube videos do not work in my region.

There is a written instruction right under the video.....
Hey, i tried to follow your instructions to the Dishonored game, but it didn't work. Every time i try to update the wrapper it suddenly close. And when i try to play the Dishonored game, the screen goes black.
Thanks Man NOW i CAN PLAY FIFA 12 again yayayayayayaya PT rules. keep the good work going
What can I do if my Wineskin Wrapper won't open to update it?


silentarts, on 11 November 2013 - 08:41 PM, said:

What can I do if my Wineskin Wrapper won't open to update it?

Hey Guys, i am new here, i am not sure where to post this but i just got PES 2013 working on my Mac book air using the PES 2014 wrapper. Cool stuff.
will this work if you have OS X 10.8.5 or is it only for 10.8.2?