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Hawk's Content

There have been 3 items by Hawk (Search limited from 01-October 19)

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#65669 [FILLED] Orcs Must Die!

Posted by Hawk on 17 October 2011 - 12:12 AM in Filled Requests

Yeah, I would like to see this one ported too! =)

Edit: At WineHQ ( http://appdb.winehq....rsion&iId=24607 ) there is someone who could play it, so I tried to port it with the d3dx9 suggestion. Now I can see the loading screen, but was not able to see the Menu :/

#50011 [REQ] Black and White

Posted by Hawk on 13 March 2011 - 08:08 PM in Open Requests

I'm going to look into this...but buying a game twice isn't great :P

At least it means that it runs without flaws =)

Thanks for telling me!

#49441 [REQ] Black and White

Posted by Hawk on 06 March 2011 - 02:09 PM in Open Requests

Hey, this is my first request for a game here.
I tried myself to port it with Wineskin and CiderX but I don't think I have enough knowledge for porting this game, because in the AppDB it has a Silver or Bronze rating depending of the Version.
I've searched in the forum and found out that, as i understood, there was a cider port, but I had not been able to find it.

Game Description:
Black & White is a computer game developed by Lionhead Studios  and published by Electronic Arts and Feral Interactive. It is a god game released in 2001, which included elements of artificial life, strategy, and fighting games.

The player acts as a god and takes control over villages across several islands. Black & White features a unique gameplay element, a creature that the player can raise and teach. The game was highly anticipated and overall well received.

AppDB Link:
http://portingteam.c...edirect.php?htt ... on&iId=156

AppDB Rating:

http://portingteam.c...edirect.php?htt ... eo_game%29
http://www.gamespot....pc/strategy/bla ... eview.html

Thanks in advance for every try!