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#40874 Does God Exist?

Posted by melsawah on 27 November 2010 - 06:07 PM in General

well it's kinda difficult to answer your question!
cause if we knew for sure, there won't be all this fuss about it!
if i say he does exist
you will answer how do you know?
i can give you answers or examples but i'll just say i believe, and that's it! you have the right to believe he exists, and if it suits you that he doesn't you just say he don't.
that's the point here, it's unknown, so you still have the choice to pursue the knowledge of his existence.
just like knowing the future, if you knew the future there won't be any need to live to see it!
PS. if he made games playable on all platforms there won't be any need for the porting team, and we won't learn all these nice things ;)