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DayZ Standalone (Work In Progress) Feedback/Testing required.

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Posted 17 March 2014 - 07:48 PM

Before instantly deciding to purchase DayZ standalone simply to run through this wrapper, please read carefully and consider all the information below. This wrapper is intended for those who all ready own DayZ Standalone and who wish to test it. I will upload this port to the PortDB Work In Progress section once I have received some feedback on at least one or two other systems.

Posted Image

I've decided to make this general forum post instead of releasing the wrapper to the PortDB - at least until I gain some very necessary feedback on the wrapper I have been working on. I DO NOT want users to purchase this game, resulting in it either not working or performing very badly.
I have been working on a wineskin wrapper that supports DayZ standalone and so far I have had some more than reasonable progress... However, my MacBooks integrated IRIS graphics seems to bring both my in-game performance and general expectations of the wrapper down.
This game is in ALPHA (early access) and performs poorly even on PC: expect low-ish performance and bugs when playing this game through Wineskin.

Main bugs/issues encountered so far (remember this game is in early access):

Alternative Solutions/Fixes you could try:

If you wish to, go into Wineskin --> Advanced --> Tools and open up Winetricks. Go to the settings tabs and experiment with the following settings:
   - ao = enabled (can be disabled if you need to)
   - ddr = OpenGL
   - macdriver = x11 (currently set to mac)
   - glsl = disabled (experienced graphical corruption with this, can enable it again if you need to)
   - mwo = forced (can be used to stop the mouse from leaving the game window)
   - orm = backbuffer (currently set to fbo, can be changed back to if needed)
   - psm = enabled
   - rendertargetlockmodes (any)
   - videomemorysize
   - vsm = hardware
   - win7 (can be changed in WineCFG)
If you wish to reset any of these settings or remove specific ones, go into the contents of the wrapper:
Go to Contents --> Resources --> open 'user.reg' with textedit and press CMD + F to search for the line named 'direct3d'.
There you can see the lines of direct3d settings that you can manually edit or simply remove completely.

If any of you decide to use this wrapper, I would highly appreciate feedback and/or tips on issues you encounter.

Feedback I require is:

Wrapper information:
- Size: Approx 700MB Uncompressed (has steam installed all ready)
- Engine: 1.7.14 No Flicker
- Using d3dx9_xx.dll files from the DirectX redistributable installer (feel free to use bult-in DLL's from a fresh wrapper)
- Set to mac driver at default

Quick note: If the game crashes and zombies are near, due to the battle-logging penalty of 30 seconds, your character may die from being attacked by zombies... or shot/killed by another player within those 30 seconds. If you value your character, play on experimental mode with a fresh character.

In this video you can see the low FPS on Iris graphics regardless of settings selected.You can also see the buggy textures, caused by specific graphics settings, As well as how joining servers/battleeye doesn't seem to be an issue with this wrapper.

Posted Image

Extract with 7ZX or The unarchiver. Drag the application from the DMG to your desktop or applications folder.

Posted Image

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