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[Sticky] - Port Database - Submitting Ports: Information & Rules

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Posted 20 May 2012 - 01:34 PM

Port Database Information Topic

The categories in the Port Database are designed to allow all kinds of Ports to be submitted with a clear definition where they should be posted in.
There are only a few Rules to consider when posting Ports into the PDB, and this Topic explains a bit about how to/where to post what kind of Ports.

Table of Contents:
- what to post where
--- Wrapper or Full Ports

- Noteworthy Stuff, Hints, Tips
--- Different Languages
--- No-CD Patches,
--- different Wrappers
--- no cracked Application Ports
--- etc...

What to post where: (Wrapper or Full Port)

Port Database CategoryShould i post the Wrapper?Should i post the Full Port?
Game PortsPosted ImagePosted Image
Game Backups *Posted ImagePosted Image
Freeware Game PortsPosted ImagePosted Image
Application PortsPosted ImagePosted Image
Retro Game PortsPosted ImagePosted Image
Work in Progress PortsPosted ImagePosted Image
Port Graveyard **Posted ImagePosted Image

* Users need to enable this Category in their Profile in order to be able to see it.
** no Ports can be submitted to the Port Graveyard.

As you can see, Users who want to upload something to the Port Database should upload complete Ports (aka Full Ports, or Backups) everywhere in the Port Database, with the exception of the first category, Game Ports, and the last category, Work in Progress Ports.

The Game Ports Section is intended for people to download small pre-made Wrappers and use their own PC Games with them.
Since the Work in Progress Ports Section is mainly about stuff users are trying to get working with the help of others, only the Wrapper is recommended here as well.
Other than that, please upload Complete Ports in all the other sections.
Complete Ports are mostly effort free to run, and are mostly preferred by people who use the Ports.

Noteworthy Stuff, Hints, Tips:

Unified Template:
- Stick to the Description Template when you submit a new Port into the Port Database (template is automatically generated)
The Description Template shows you the basic Information you just need to fill out for a Port (you can add more detailed info if you want to)

Classic Ports:
- Retro Game Ports (DOSBox, Amiga, ScummVM Ports) are mostly abandonware. Not everything. GOG for example, sells some very old Ports.
However, since these old Classics are very hard to find nowadays (also hard to port), please post a the complete Classic Port into the Retro Section when you find/make one. Us old School Gamers will thank you for it.

Application Ports:
- Application Ports should only be posted 'uncracked' or 'unserialized'. Please do not post serialized or cracked Applications into the Application sections.
Just leave out the registration number when making the Application Port before you upload it. Users have to register Shareware Apps themselves.

- Massive Multiplayer Online RPGs (MMORPGs) fall into the Freeware Section. That's because nearly every MMORPG out there has a free installer, where you can install the Game for free on your computer, regardless of any subscription you may need to actually play the game.
So you can post Complete MMORPG Ports here as well, even if they require a monthly subscription fee to be played. Also installing these Games is often a pain, so please post the complete thing into the MMORPG section.

Wrapper Port and Game Backups:
- If you post a Game Backup (aka Full Game Port) into the Game Backups section, please consider also uploading the Wrapper separately into the Game Ports section, so that other people who have the Game already may download the small Wrapper alone if they wish to. You submit two Entries into the Port Database, one with the Wrapper and one with the Backup Port.
Just copy the description and the other info bits from your Backup Port when posting a Wrapper Port (or vice versa) for the same Game.

All Languages:
- No Language Barrier here; you can upload non-english Ports into the Port Database. You can even write the whole description in Russian, German, Italian or another language for your Port.
non-english Ports have to be tagged with a [RUS], [GER], [ITA] language tag however in the Port's Name. (please use the language tag at the end of the Port's name)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 [RUS]
Autobahn Raser 2 [GER]

here is an example Port posted by syao in Italian

- You can Post both english and another language version of the same Port in the Port Database. (Just post them in separate entries.)

Different Wrappers from other Porters:
- Other users can upload existing Ports in the Port Database if they use a different Wrapper.
Mass Effect (Cider Port by Battlefiler) <- was already posted in the PDB
Mass Effect (Wineskin Port by SouthTuna) <- different Wrapper for an existing Game in the Port Database.
Different Wrappers run better on different Systems. for example, a Cider Port can work better on a nVidia powered macbook, and a Wineskin Port can run better on a AMD powered macbook.

Different Wrappers from one Porter:
- If you want to upload multiple Wrappers yourself for a Port, please use your existing Port Database entry and add another download link for other Wrapper types or Wrapper versions.  You can specify a wrapper type or a short comment next to the download link, so that users downloading it will know what the link is about.

No CD Patches:
- you can include the No-CD patch a Game needs if you post a Wrapper Port. Other users need to use a working No-CD patch anyway, so you are making it easier for them if you include a No-CD patch already with a set of instructions for using the Wrapper with their Games.
No-CD patches can be included in the Wrapper download, and can also be linked extra via an extra download field in a Port from the PDB

I will keep this Topic open.
If there are some questions arise for this, we can explain the things here better.
Hello. Sadly, I am not active here on the Porting Team anymore, and therefore I cannot give support or answer questions to any of my posted Ports or posted topics.

- zero

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Posted 14 September 2017 - 01:27 AM


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Posted 24 July 2020 - 10:05 AM

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Posted 20 November 2020 - 07:27 AM


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