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Tutorial info

  • Added on: Apr 17 2012 04:24 PM
  • Date Updated: Apr 17 2012 04:32 PM
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[Sticky] Video Tutorials - How to post/Readme

Hints/Tips about posting Videos

Posted by devilhunter on Apr 17 2012 04:24 PM
You can submit your own Video Tutorials in this Section.

Just some little things:
- stay on Topic, like porting with a Wrapper or how to use xyz
- Please do not use mature language/curse words in the Tutorials
- Refrain from using the YouTube video to share warez/piracy links. Please remember we do not encourage piracy.  If you are going to show where to download a game, that place should be the producer's website, not a warez torrent tracker. It is okay to point a user to a crack for a game they own, if it's required by the Port.
- You can also submit Videos from other people here, as long as you give credit to the original Poster on YouTube with a link to his Profile/Video on Youtube.
- Please include at least some description of the Video in the Tutorial submission here, to show what this Video covers for example.

You can use the youtube tag to embed Videos here.


All Video Tutorial Submits will need to be approved first by a Moderator.
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