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  • Added on: Apr 25 2012 05:00 PM
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A standalone Installer for Games and Apps

Posted by devilhunter on Apr 25 2012 05:00 PM
A standalone Installer for Microsoft Windows Executables and Setup files.

recommended for installing Games for Wrapper-only downloads from the Port Database

Updated the standalone Installer to version 2.0.
(In case v2 fails, you can try the older v1, see below)

Installer is a standalone app that you can use to install various Windows Installer packages or executables on the go.
You can install almost everything, Installer can install 95% of all Games or Applications, including non-native Windows Installers or multi disk installs.

Upon launch Installer creates a Windows 'Bottle' on the desktop (a folder called 'InstallerData') where it installs the Windows Software you select.
After the installation of the first Windows file finishes you can open Installer again and select another file to install in it.
After you're done with the Installation you can take out the 'drive_c' folder (or it's contents in drive_c/Program Files) and throw it into a premade Wineskin or Cider Game Wrapper you see in the Port Database.

Delete the 'InstallerData' Folder from your Desktop when you're done.

Yes, a normal barebone Wineskin Wrapper has this functionality, too; but i made this in thought for all the new Users who don't know how to install a Windows Game on the mac.

You don't need a PC or Parallels/VMware, just pop in the Windows Game disk and select the setup.exe file with Installer.

Installed Game-App files with Installer are compatible with CXZ/CXEx, Cider and Wineskin Ports. (but the .reg files are only compatible with CXZ and Wineskin, since it's a Wine Installer. But if you use the pre-made Game Wrappers in the Forum, you'll never need to copy the reg files anyway. )


Installer v2

Installer v1 (old)

Image Image

Happy Installing
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