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Tutorial info

  • Added on: Apr 25 2012 05:26 PM
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Downloading files from linksave.in

Downloading from a Link-Protector site

Posted by devilhunter on Apr 25 2012 05:26 PM
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Hello and welcome to the linsave.in tutorial for downloading files.
Here i'll explain how to download files from links posted in the Forum to linksave.in.

Why use Linksave.in?
Linksave.in is a online service where you can create secure download containers & links for everybody to use.
It protects your links from abuse and from the hosters themselves, because many hosters automatically delete links after a while if the source of the posted links becomes too popular.  
Additionally, linksave.in creates DLC download containers for easy downloading with jDownloader.

This tutorial covers how you manually and automatically download files from linksave.in

manually download files from linksave.in:

When you click a download link which directs you to linksave.in, you should land here:

Posted Image

1. Enter the moving captcha into the little box at the right
(if you can't read the captcha, click the 'Can't read the code?' link below it, the capcha should change then)

after that, you should get directed here:

Posted Image

2. each file for download is listed at the bottom.
Simply click the single down arrow for the file you want to get directed to the download of the file.
(don't click the double down arrow, this only redirects you to a pay site!)

automatically download files from linksave.in:

You need jDownloader set up & running for the automatic download of the links.
(meaning jDownloader must be running with the clipboard monitoring option turned on.)

Simply copy the URL from the Browser's URL Bar:

Posted Image

now jDownloader automatically processes the link from your clipboard and posts the entire download contents into it's download manager.

Click the 'Continue with all' button in jDownloader and the downloads should begin.

No captcha, no manual waiting time, no Ads, no hassle.

Alternatively, you can download the .DLC container for jDownloader, but the right-click method is quicker.
linksave sux
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link save does not work. i click the arrow, and i get redirected to a white screen that never does anything. also, i don't even see the "double down arrow" so i can't even click that anyway.

i think the problem isn't misunderstanding how to download from the website, but rather that the website just doesn't work. so can we please use another website instead?
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you guys use linksave.in because mediafire is too mainstream right?
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A tad frustrated, unable to find wrappers for Left 4 Dead (and I'm sure this is the case with many other games) even after searching for several hours. So I'm stuck, redirected constantly to this:

Posted Image
This is also the case with several other ports hosted at LinkSave.

LinkSave does not work, and I kindly request it either be put as an addition download source in ADDITION to MediaFire or whichever other corresponding hosting site, or is taken off completely.

Thank you.
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What the frick, linksave is horrible and makes things 10x more complicated than it needs to be. I cannot use your site now.
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My LinkSave doesnt even load the capcha.
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I hate linkesave
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Yes, Linksave is the worst way to host a file on the whole internet.
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Yeha link save does not work this guys a damning crook
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Please stop using linksave! why does this site even exist!?
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Linksave is not working at all
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Yeah I don't think Linksave is working anymore?
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Not working at all
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What they said. The site doesn't work.
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