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Tutorial info

  • Added on: Apr 25 2012 05:52 PM
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using linksave.in to encrypt download links (only for Backup Ports)

Required for Backup Ports only!

Posted by devilhunter on Apr 25 2012 05:52 PM
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Hello and welcome to the linsave.in tutorial for posting download links.
Here i'll explain how to post download links in the Forum using linksave.in.

Why use Linksave.in?
Linksave.in is a online service where you can create secure download containers & links for everybody to use.
It protects your links from abuse and from the hosters themselves, because many hosters automatically delete links after a while if the source of the posted links becomes too popular.  
Additionally, linksave.in creates DLC download containers for easy downloading with jDownloader.

You only have to use linksave.in links when posting Backup Game Ports in the Port Database

making a linksave.in encrypted download link

Linksave.in DLC protect page

Take your favourite webbrowser to here

1. post all links in the huge linkbox. (be it 1 Link or 100 Links, no matter how many)

Posted Image

2. Hit the "Proctect Links" button, and you wil get a screen like this.

Posted Image

3. copy this download link

That's how you make a linksave.in encrypted download link
This is a nice tutorial for those who post backups. Great job!
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cheers mate, posting my terraria port now :)
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Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB
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