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  • Added on: Nov 05 2012 02:05 AM
  • Date Updated: Nov 05 2012 02:05 AM
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Basic Wine Source Patching

How to Patch Wine Sources on Mac osx and then build them

Posted by hmtinc on Nov 05 2012 02:05 AM
Requirements :
Must be running Mac OSX 10.6+  
Must Have a Patch File that ends with .patch or .diff
Must Have A Source to patch
Must Have Xcode installed
Must Have Xcode Command line Tools installed
Must Have Wineskin and latest engine base installed

Description :
If you know anything about wine porting or gaming you will know that some games require certain source patches to work properly , The process to patch engines isn't complex or long its just that there isn' t many good tutorials out  their that cover the topic of patching sources on mac osx and then building them with wineskin . This tutorial should cover the basics of Patching on mac osx and  building the engine with wine skin .

Tutorial :

1. First make sure you have your patch file and wine source : For this tutorial we will be using Than's Ati fix patch and wine version 1.5.11
Posted Image
2. Drag/copy your Wine Patch file into the wine source folder
Posted Image
3. Open a blank Terminal Window and type without quotations
cd "location of your wine source folder"
Posted Image
4. Now to apply the patch type without quotations
patch -p1 "Patchname".diff
Posted Image
5 . After Patching is complete .. Type
Posted Image

6. Now Open Wineskin and click the + button under installed engines
7. Click Custom Build engine
8. Select your wine source
9. Target os ( keep in mind if you are using the latest version of Xcode the 10.6 sdk is not included )
10. Name the Engine
11. Build & Wait

Hope This Helped

This Tutorial is brought to you by the Infinity Project : Keep spinning

Oh, sorry didn't see this tut before now.
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am not sure i get this i though all have to do is download the wrapper and follow the instructions on the wrapper do i need to do that
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I'm sorry I don't understand anything of what I have to do to play a game ^^
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