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  • Added on: Sep 06 2014 04:15 AM
  • Date Updated: Sep 06 2014 04:16 AM
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Alternate: How to use Linksave.in

How to actually use that crappy website

Posted by nyl0n on Sep 06 2014 04:15 AM
OK! Finally got something that works!

1: Once you are on linksave.in, click one of the buttons that says "Download DLC", "Download CCF", "Download RSDF"

2: File should download immediately (lol link save actually lets u download poop?)

3: open this link to an online Decrypter: http://dcrypt.it

4: Click "Upload Container"

5: select the ".DLC"   ".CFF" or   ".RSDF" file from the File Selector

6: click the "Submit" button

7: copy the link in the "Found links" box

8: download ur stuff!

Hope I helped!

Edit: how do u add images to this tutorial? I have a bunch of screenshots but I cannot figure out how to add 'em.
Good find, thanks for the share and very sorry for the late approval. To add images, you need to upload them to an image upload site. I use my cl.ly account. Once the images are uploaded use the direct link of the image and put it between the image tags

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