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  • Added on: Apr 10 2015 06:32 PM
  • Date Updated: Apr 10 2015 06:34 PM
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Guide: Reporting Broken Links

Please follow these guidelines before reporting any links as broken.

Posted by dankoB on Apr 10 2015 06:32 PM
Many users are reporting links as broken when the links are still available. This causes an issue within our database making certain files unavailable to users when they links are still quite active. A lot of these links that are being reported as broken are transfers from the old Porting Team legacy site from over five years ago. The restrictions were different then and all links had to be encrypted therefore many of the links are confusing to navigate and often a headache to obtain. We appreciate members reporting things within the website that are broken but when links are being falsely reported it creates more work.

Please follow this simple guide to verify completely if links are broken before reporting them as such.

Install JDownloader 2.app

Posted Image

Click on the JDownloader logo above to obtain the official disk image for Mac OS X 10.6 and up.

Install Downloader 2 into your Applications folder. Start the application and allow it to completely update. Once it has updated, launch the application and make sure that it is running before you start the downloading process.

Choose the port you believe to have broken links and click on the Download Wrapper button at the top of the page.


It will then bring you directly to the download page which it is hosted at OR the links may be encrypted with a service. These are most frequently the type of links that incorrectly labelled as broken by many members.


***side note*** These types of encrypted links often (always) have pop up adds. When the appear either use your pop up blocker to allow it if you are unable to complete the encryption process. Without the pop up blocker enabled, simply click command+w to close the window immediately.

Once the encryption process has been completed enter into the folder containing the links


Inside this folder you will see many options for download links. The most thorough way to know if the proper links are available is to use the Click n’ Load option.


Once this option has been chosen the .DLC file containing the encrypted link information will be automatically loaded into the download links tab of the JDownloader2.app. The online available of the links in question with be marked in the availability column of the LinkGrabber tab. This will either be marked by a green check, stating that the files are online and ready for download or by a red X, stating the links are indeed dead.


Downloader is an amazing application that will also let you download multiple links at a time making it very valuable when downloading ports with multiple files.
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