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Tutorial info

  • Added on: Dec 30 2011 09:41 PM
  • Date Updated: Dec 30 2011 09:42 PM
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Porting Team General Info

Posted by sensei on Dec 30 2011 09:41 PM
Here you will find some answers and explanations that you could have about who we are and what we do here.

Part 1: The Porting Team - Past, Present and Future

What is the Porting Team?
The Porting Team is a small community that specializes in 'porting' Windows Games and Applications to the mac with some tools we like to call 'Wrappers'. (more on those later)
The Porting Team idea was started some time ago by a group of individuals who discovered the multi purpose ability of the technologies called Cider and Wine.
The Central Database Idea for Ports was started at the beginning of 2009, over at the Insanelymac Forums.
Since space and options were limited on Insanelymac's Forum, the open community 'The Porting Team' was founded on it's own Domain.

What is 'porting', and why do we do this?
Let's say you really like a Windows Game or a Windows Application, but there is no alternative for that Game/app on your mac.
Not every Windows Game or App has a good counterpart on the mac like World of Warcraft & Prince of Persia or Photoshop & Office.
A regular mac user misses out on great titles like these: Left 4 Dead 2, Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect, Borderlands, Fallout 3 and many more, which can be played with the Software we have here, and without the need for Microsoft Windows.
Instead of rebooting your Computer into Bootcamp every time you like to use that Game/app, or running a resource intensive and costly Virtualisation Application like VMware or Parallels (you have to buy VMware and a Microsoft Windows License for example), you can run that Game/app now 'natively' on your mac without rebooting or installing Windows.

Our Goals
The idea of the Porting Team is to create a central 'database' of media and information that mac users can utilize, so they don't have to rely on the Windows Operating System to run Windows-only apps & games.
After all, who wants to use Boot Camp just for another app? That's not very convenient.

Part 2 - Wrapping it up!

What are Wrappers?
As mentioned above, we use tools called 'Wrappers' to be able to run Windows Applications and Games on the mac without the actual need of Windows.
A Wrapper is a special type of a mac application that has a built-in 'Emulator' for a Microsoft Windows Game or Application.
In this Wrapper application there are some complex resources that allow the translation of native Windows code to mac code.
To make it easy: A Wrapper allows you to run Windows Games & Apps on a mac.

What's the magic behind the Wrappers?
In every Wrapper is a little Windows 'Emulator' builtin, the Software is called Wine. (See Wine Is Not an Emulator)
Wine is a code Translation Software that translates Windows Code on-the-fly to mac code, albeit with some limitations.
Although WINE describes itself as not an Emulator, only the CPU instructions get translated on-the-fly without much loss, everything else like the Graphics, Sound and the Filesystem is emulated or pushed through some special translation Libraries to make it work on the mac.
And This Emulation makes Windows Games not as fast as when you would run it on Windows, but most are usable.
So take a little performance hit into consideration when you play our mac Port of Left 4 Dead 2 for example, you won't get such high Frame rates from a ported Game like when you would reboot into Bootcamp.

Codeweavers and Transgaming
There are basically three Wrapper technologies available at our disposal: Cider, CrossOver and the source of all, Wine.
Cider is fast and made by Transgaming, while CrossOver and Chromium are more compatible and made by Codeweavers. Both Companies actively worked with the Wine Project to make use of the open source technology that was available for Linux. (with Codeweavers being the main driving force behind Wine, and Transgaming taking a different path)

The direct source of Wine is also available, and other people and groups besides those two Companies have realized the potential of WINE and made their own project available to others.
Many alternatives like Mike Kronenberg's WineBottler, pioneeringsoftware's Macindows, or own Members Project, doh123's Wineskin have been made to take advantage of this powerful open source software.

Part 3 - read the fine print!

Some things to take into consideration:
These Ports are not guaranteed to work on every mac, since the technique behind the Code Translation Engine of a Wrapper is very complex and some ports do not run on certain macs.
For example:
Macs with a ATI Graphic Chip have shown to have limited compatibility with certain types of Wrappers.
The ATI HD2400, HD2600 and the X1600 have some strong problems when running CX/CXZ/or Wineskin Ports.
This is because the Graphic Drivers from Apple for those cards are incomplete and not as advanced as their nVidia counterparts. The Graphics Hardware is also limited in features and that's probably why Apple moves away from ATI with the new generation of Intel macs.
This means that some Ports refuse to start or display strong graphical anomalies for you if you have a older ATI card, but not every Port does this. Most are fine for ATI users, but some simply do not work.

Not for sale!
The Wrappers on the Porting Team's Website and Forums shall not be used for commercially distributing products.
Wrappers like Cider and CX contain frameworks by transgaming and codeweavers, whereas Wrappers like Wineskin and CXZ contain open source code that states under their public license that they shall not be used for distributing Games or Applications.

All Wrappers Types found here must be available for free to the general public, no matter where they are posted or made available.

Everything is for everyone!
The Porting Team is a non-profit Group that only makes Information and Tools about running Microsoft Windows Games and Applications on Apple's Mac OS X available.
Donations are welcome and will go straight into the Hosting costs of the servers, which we pay out of our own Pockets.
The Porting Team's servers do not host any Wrapper Type applications or Game/Application Ports, nor are there links to illegal files on our Blogs and Forums.

Support the WINE Project
Support the Developers of Wine and Cider, so that these technologies will continue to improve and help to destroy the barrier that exists today with using Applications that were coded for MS Windows on the mac; by buying codeweaver's CrossOver and Games from EA, which use Cider for their official Ports.
Each of their Products costs considerably less than a Windows license. ^_^
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Thank you guys!!! awesome job!
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Well written, fully undrestood. Tenks !
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how do I download A game from here like manhunt 1 & 2 for mac  please help
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First time here for me. Was looking for a Lemmings game - any Lemmings game! - that will work on Mac OSX 10.5.8. Created this login, etc; clicked on Download Wrapper (I guess this is where I download Christmas Lemmings) and was forced into a "Click to win an iPhone type page - could not escape this, and no Lemmings. Am I missing the point? Have looked at tutorials, but am starting to think I will never find Lemmings for Mac :(
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I just wanted to say, this looks like a step in the right direction. I'm about to test S.T.A.L.K.E.R out. :)
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Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB
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looking for beginner info of how to do this!!! where?
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im not getting a download option for the actual game.  only for waveswardos?  wtf?  what am i missing?

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Excellent intro.
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I am still a little confused do you need to download a copy of the windows game and then apply the Wrapper?
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How do i use a wrapper with a no install nosteam game???
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Is there any place on this website with tutorials on how to get these ported apps/games working ? Or are we supposed to figure it out on our own ?
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