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Tutorial info

  • Added on: Dec 30 2011 10:31 PM
  • Date Updated: Mar 17 2012 03:42 PM
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Help us help you!

Posted by sensei on Dec 30 2011 10:31 PM
Here are a few things you should follow if you want somebody to help you:

- First up, fill out the Profile Fields in your User control Panel.

Posted Image User Control Panel Posted Image

Important are the Operating System and Graphics Card fields.

These two fields are visible under every user avatar in the Forum, and these aren't simply for bragging rights.
They are there to let everybody know what type of Hardware you have and this really lets experienced users help you quickly.
For example, some Ports and Wrappers have difficulties with certain ATI Graphic Chips.

Moving on, let's say you can't run a Port. Now what do you do?

- Read through the Port's description in it's topic and read through the comments. Maybe someone else had a similar error and posted what fixed it.

- If that's not working, Search! I mean it, we have a great search option!

- If search doesn't come up with anything, look at the Ask for Help! section.

- If all else fails, make a new topic in the Topics in the Ask for Help! section.

This is how it should not be done:
Posted Image

No one can help you with this little information.

Here's how it should be done:
Posted Image

A little more detailed Description like this will help greatly.
If you filled out the Graphics Card and OS fields in your User control Panel, you don't need to write in what type of mac you have.

Drakulix also made a very useful guide for letting people know what your problem is.
Head over to the Ask for Help section and check out his Topic, by clicking here.
I want to unregister I dont use this site anymore please link me to how to unregister as I can not find ANY way to do this
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how do i download path of exiles it downloads as a exe it wants me to unzip it
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