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#101434 [REQ]State of decay

Posted DanIsTheMan on 14 April 2014 - 08:19 AM

View PostΩmega, on 14 April 2014 - 12:57 AM, said:

Wow, ok, let's reply to this one, but not the other requests out there? makes sense.
If you are talking about how I haven't responded to previous state of decay requests with this information, its because my wrapper has only been out for a few weeks and I've literally only just received the news that the game works in the DayZ wrapper. I thought, instead of making a port, I would post on how to get it working with an all ready existing wrapper.

However, if you are talking about how no one has responded to your personal requests... You do understand that the members here are under no moral obligation to reply to absolutely every request posted in the forums, right?
Perhaps the reason no one is responding to your personal requests is that no one has a great enough interest to actually port the game you are requesting.
If you are upset that no one has fulfilled your request, how about you try porting it yourself?

#101039 First Things First...Navigating Your Way!

Posted dankoB on 10 March 2014 - 10:38 PM

Welcome to The Porting Team!

If your goal is to expand your gaming options on the Mac platform you've found the right place. So, Welcome!


Here's a little run down on what's going on here within our community; We have excellent developers that have created some really great options for porting games and managing ports and libraries. We have some excellent administration staff that made this website what it is today. Most importantly, we have an amazing user base, some of which have really excelled in porting and have shown leadership in the forums, helping other users out when they can.

Porting can be extremely easy when the titles are compatible with Wine. When certain titles require workarounds the process can be a bit more daunting. But before getting down to the nitty gritty here's some general information to consider.


So now that you're a bit more familiar with who we are and what we do why don't we check out the port database, this is where you will find the wrappers mentioned in the tutorial above.

We do not promote piracy here at the Porting Team and as such the wrappers most certainly require the Windows files to obtained and installed. Full backups available here are just that, for backup purposes only.

Before you start downloading please take a close look at the 8 tutorials available on navigating through the database, and the most efficient ways to obtain the files.


Once you've obtained the desired wrapper there are certain steps that need to be followed to get the game up and running. And questions will most certainly arise if, and when the game fails to works. This is where a lot of people become discouraged or upset because they are unaware of the proper information that needs to presented in order to assess issues.

This tutorial will help you to understand the Wineskin wrapper, which likely makes up 75% of the database library.


Once you've gotten your game installed, you're ready to test it out. At this point you'll jump for joy or scratch your head in bewilderment. No worries this is where the proper information comes into play. Check out this tutorial for what procedures need to be taken when asking for help within the forums and database


All the preceding information really is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to porting games and application. There are a lot of settings that can configured through the Wineskin app that can mean the difference between success and failure. Please check out both pages of the wrapper tutorials for a better understanding of the porting process.


The Wine Registry

Here's a quick rundown on the importance of the registry files. Like native Windows, the programs need a "platform" to cross communicate with each other or to know that the required software is installed to run certain games and application. The Wine project has done a superb job to create vanilla Wine registries that allow hundreds, if not thousands of programs to run perfectly well out of the box. When things don't work correctly the registry is a great place to try different settings during the testing process. On the second page of the [url="http://portingteam.com/tutorials/category/4-wrapper-tutorials/%5DWrappers Tutorial Section%5B/url%5D you will find a RegEdit tutorial. RegEdit is the Wine interface to make changes to the registry files. Accessible through the Advanced Tools option of Wineskin. Although the files are all plain text based which makes them easily editable in Text Edit. Simply locate the registry files, located in the Package Contents @ Contents > Resources and double click on them to open in Text Edit. The most commonly edited file is the user.reg file under the Direct3D registry heading. Click Command+F and search Direct3D. Vanilla wine leaves this heading empty because the defaults (which can easily be added) are built into the Wine build which is located in the wswine.bundle in the Frameworks folder.

Under the Direct3D heading the registry values must maintain a specific set of guidelines. This text will demonstrate the String and DWORD values.

Here's an up to date look at the registry entries you can use while trying different configurations for your wrappers.

"New Value Type"="(:)value data"


This is only a small example of what can be changed but the Direct3D is very important entry because it dictates to Wine how to proceed in translating the Windows APIs to have the game run correctly.

For an expanded look at the the registry entries available for configuration please check out the WineHQ entry on the subject


I would like to urge users to expand on this topic...if you have some useful information that might make it easier on new users please share your tricks and tips

So once again, welcome to the Porting Team, please enjoy your stay!

#100560 Halo 2 - Progress at last!

Posted thedoc on 12 January 2014 - 10:02 PM

After many hours of fiddling with this game and almost giving up hope of ever getting it to run on OS X I've finally made a major breakthrough using a combination of the latest Wine engine, an xliveless patch specifically designed for Halo 2, an XP crack and a few additional Winetricks installations (which i can't actually remember cause I installed them quite a while ago). With those i was able to get the game to launch and play through the intro + the first level.
Unfortunately there are still some minor graphical glitches and the game always crashes at the second cutscene. Therefore I'm presenting this to you as a WIP port and would like to encourage you to download it and take a look at it yourself to see if you can probably add some of your input and expertise so we can finally get this gem working 100%.

Link to the Port-DB entry:


My hardware specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93 Ghz
OSX 10.6.8 SNow Leopard
nVidia 9600M GT

#85415 Swear Filter Suggestions

Posted devilhunter on 29 June 2012 - 03:18 PM

View Postsyao, on 29 June 2012 - 11:29 AM, said:

Good question. I'm not personally bothered by those two words, so I'm fine with removing them.

These two words are the most used here (and by specific persons).
It's quite nice to see multiple reports by people because they often see things like "did you post a shit port again" or "stop posting your crap projects" in the forum.
And 'crap' and 'shit' can be very offending depending on the situation.
KGL (topic starter) is the main offender in these things, and basically because of things like this i enabled the word filter in the first place. Not surprising he's the one that gets annoyed by the system's ability to educate him or help think about the stuff he just posted.

Since some XBOX Live level kids are here that think they can swear all they want at random people, the swear filter helps the mods out by giving them less work.
Basically i don't want to run around after trash talking kids who curse all the time, handing out punishments and justifying the situations, and these things tend to trigger reports most of the time.
On most civilised places it's raining bans over things like this, here it's just the simple word filter.
(that also gives others the option to laugh at the vulgar person because of the twisted words. )


#100221 Another little system update

Posted waves on 20 December 2013 - 04:38 AM

Due to a few complaints, certain usernames when signing up, are now banned.

Keep that in mind, if you are having trouble signing up, as a new user.

This has been a long time coming, and should have been done, long ago.

Lastly, typing in:

the answer to life the universe and everything

Anywhere on the the forums, will now give you the correct answer.

That is all, good day.

#99603 [REQ] Watch Dogs

Posted cluthz on 05 November 2013 - 11:32 PM

This game won't even be out this year. They aim for Q2 2014 :)

#99495 batman arkham origins log files help

Posted Reboot on 26 October 2013 - 04:45 PM

Read careful.... steam said "Additional Notes:Windows XP and DirectX® 9.0b and below not supported" Whoops... There is nvidia website has system requirements too: http://www.geforce.c...em-requirements

#98256 Cluthz' home made RPG!

Posted cluthz on 16 July 2013 - 11:21 AM

So I bought RPGMaker VX Ace recently, and it is very fun!
I have pretty much spent all my free time the last few days to make a small RPG.

If you would like to test out this early build, please do so.
Also feel free to ask for tips and tricks to how to do things,
and report bugs!

Posted Image

Download the latest builds here:
1.0 beta1

1.0 beta1
https://dl.dropboxus...pe 1.0beta1.zip

Download the RPGMakerVXAce runtime here: (for PC users only)

This is the first beta of the finished game.
I will not make more content for it.
The game is a bit shorter than I was aiming for in the start, but I've learnt so much about how to do things since i started so I wanted to just be done with this one and start over with a cleaner and more structured way to do things.
The game should be around 1.5 hours for people that have some RPG experiences, and if you're taking your time it could take a lot more.

Bug fixing and polishing.
Make a self contained Mac port (will be up today or tomorrow I guess).
Replace the generic title graphics and so on..

Older releases:
Info about versions:


How long is the game?
Currently the game is around 40 mins - 1 hour

How long will the final game be?
I don't know yet. But I think I will stop at around 3-4 hours. This because my flow control of events are a bit messy.
If I still have the same enthusiasm as I have now, I will make a sequel, which will be longer and probably better.

When will it be done?
I have no idea. With the pace I'm working at at the moment I hope to have it finished over the summer.
I've been putting in 5-10 hours a day on it currently, but I cannot continue like that forever :D
I will aim to make a content update at least once a week, unless I'm at holiday.

Where is the quest log?
Check the book in your house, I might implement a quest log at a later stage, but I don't see any need for it yet.

Is the game free?
Yes! It will be free! I only use artwork that is free to distribute or my own art work.
You do need the RPGMakerVXAce Runtime, which is also free.
This does not mean you can post my game somewhere else, but feel free to copy the games to friends and family as you like!

Is it really playable currently?
Yes, it really is!
Most of the assets, like combat system and leveling system are modules from RPGMaker, thus they are finished.
There is a save and load function! HOWEVER, I cannot promise that saves from one alpha to another will work flawlessly!
I have a friend that is pre-alpha testing everything for me and reporting bugs. He has probably played this game for 10 hours already :P/>

Can saves be carried over from version to version (***Safe Save Loc)
Yes, but if i add scripted events in areas you have visited and completed they might start and you might get a broken save!
I will try to include a "safe save location" after each version, which MIGHT be the best place to save before next release.

Did you paint all that stuff?
No I did not. I plan to make my own sprites, but that only AFTER the game is complete content wise.
It will take me weeks to paint all those sprites, but it's easy to change the ones in game once I have done so.

So what have YOU really done?
I've designed the maps from scratch (except the church, which i modified a default map)
All the events are made by me and the story is written by me.

Yes, RPGMakerVX is windows only, however there will be android support soon.
It does work in wine, but it takes a lot of time uploading and updating a wine port the same time.
There will however be Wineskin version from time to time, but not until I have completed a bit more.

So what with the stupid name and the stupid loading screen?
It's really a joke, because when I was around 9-10yrs old me and a friend made a hypercard game
called Escape from the Orcs :)/>
The loading screen is a built in one. I will make a new one, but that is low priority!

The story is a bit shallow!
I have written as I made the game mostly. The dialogues will change, a lot once I get most of the game in playable state.
You can notice how the dialogue style changes after awhile, and the a bit more witty style after like 30 minutes in game is really what I plan for.

How long time have you used so far?
As of the Alpha 1.7 release I have used around 25 hours making it. Plus 10+ hours in planning and problem solving with scripts.
So around 35 hours so far.

Is there a secret cow level?
Funny you should ask! No there is not, but there is a secret Nun-level! I have only used it for bug testing and fast level up to speed myself thru some of the contents.

I wanna  do this myself, is it hard?
No, not at all!
I bought RPGMakerVXAce, watched a 2 hours of tutorials on youtube and started with the PDF tutorial from RPGMaker.
I did change the tutorial so I could use it for my game.
Within 5 hours from I started I had a little village with a few scripted events.
You do not need to know any coding, as everything can be chosen from menus, but knowing a little is very handy.

Some pics from the game:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

#98465 Could you help me to get introduced?

Posted Browza on 30 July 2013 - 12:57 PM

Hey Guys, just wanted to say hello to you guys.
I´m not quite the pro but wanted to ask if maybe one of you can help me and show me all the stuff you can do? As far as I´ve understood this, you download a program which makes it possible to play windows games on your mac with out boot camp, am I right?
Which program am I supposed to download and how am I going to do this? Which games can I download (I think it´s Port Database isn´t it?)? Can I play them online?
All this stuff.

If anyone is willing to do this I´ll be thankfull to hear and if anyone wants we could also chat using skype to get quicker messages!

I´m not sure if the stuff I wrote below is right, tell me if even looked at the wrong things.

Cheers lads!

My Mac OS X Version:
Mac OS X 10.8.4

My Mac Model, GPU & CPU:
MacBook Pro 15" 2009; NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB; 2,8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

#98539 Please help me!!!

Posted deadkman on 02 August 2013 - 01:49 AM

View Postjamie crotty, on 01 August 2013 - 11:00 PM, said:

i told someone who gave me a crappy answer that it was a crappy answer

Well. I give you that "crappy answer" because i thought that you could made 5 click on your own: 1 click on port database button at the top, 2 click on game ports link on the left, 3 click on Role playing link, 4 click on the name that you want, 5 click on the download wrapper button at the top of the topic...
And wow man, 3 post and are already insulting everybody around you? what a way to make friends...

Anyway, could some admin or something lock/close this topic? since this guy just got the link to the file he was looking for.

#97600 [FILLED] Double Dragon Forever

Posted waves on 14 June 2013 - 01:13 AM

Filled. - 2 years later ;)

#67363 Ys Origin (game) - Updated 2011-11-15

Posted waves on 15 November 2011 - 04:46 PM

Added English Full game.

Port is with CiderX Cider 5313. Cd check has been compromised (if you mount the mini iso) but nothing has been ripped. Patched to version 1.1 - Extra Disc Installer added.