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#100581 Wine 1.7.10 with D3DBoost

Posted Dimillian on 14 January 2014 - 08:19 PM

Stefan Dösinger released some new commits to his Command Stream works on wine. I assume it's now working the same as on Crossover 13
Detail: http://www.winehq.or...ary/102446.html
I cloned the repo from https://github.com/stefand/wine
Builded it, you can download it here http://cl.ly/TMas

I assume you can safely paste it to /Users/yourUser/library/applications support/wineskin/engines
You DON'T NEED to uncompress it.

Then just build a new blank wrapper using this engine with Wineskin.

Also in Regedit you need to navigate to
And add a key CSMT=ENABLED

Performance wise: This is AMAZING, the gains from the previous D3DPatched engine are enormous. So the overall performance gain from an unlatched engine are dramatic.
It may not improve all games, but in Skyrim, it's just day and night.