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Wineskin and MacOS Catalina

17 October 2019 - 09:27 AM

I know Apple has canned 32-bit support for all my Wine apps don't work....  I am currently the fence weather i should sacrifice a Windows VM for all my Windows games (this would also eliminate the troublesome stuff i have issues, workaround in Wineskin) or go back to Mojave...

For anyone that has upgraded to Catalina 10.15, what did you do ?

I've currently got 6 games in Wineskin, but the good ting about it, there are all 'separate' bundles...compared to one giant VM for everything + the OS.

Also, just for the record the Unoffical Wineskin is 32-bits too right?

Need for speed unerground 2

13 October 2019 - 06:23 AM

I've been battling for few solid days thinking its the game that is the issue, however perhaps i'm just approaching this from the wrong direction.

I decided to buy those software downloads without installers, just move folder to and it works..

I decided to do his on purpose because i figured going this route (no installers and all bundled in folder) means less problems under Wine, and it would granulate it would no no problem since there would be no registry entries, and noting extra to hurt along the way..
However for the life of me i cannot understand what is wrong when i start i get "Please insert disc"

I know the game is cracked as i have run it under Windows XP perfectly fine.. Stick it under Wine and i get this...

I remember when i installed this game in the past (installer) I was using engine 1.7.27 or older and it worked (somehow) without the disc/image because of NoC crack  (I also remeber the release group i used)

Now, since i lost it the installer (few years ago), prompted me to buy this  "software only download", as i think i learnt from this.

Long story short, the fact its doesn't run under wine,yet it does under XP must means its only due to crack as being the issue right ? or could it be both crack AND engine used and this it's a means of trial & error  ?

Gong by WineHQ,, all I see are version 4.0 tested... but i know for sure it worked under older version... I never had 4.0 ever..

What's strange is i bought the software only download of Need for speed Underground as well, and i got that to work "no problem''

However you would of think the means of "no installer" would be allot easier, but nope.. Well,  guess it is, 'no errors to deal with, but you still have copy protection..

What are people situation when they come up with these things , surely they don't mount image under wine just to play, because that would defeat the propose of using wine when your out and about (eg...  you got wine bundle, but haven't got image with you) ..etc.

Sometimes, i even tries using CX versions from Crossweavers "tested'  as i deemed "They must be more compatible" they they would have tesed these games..

However, i ran into a road block because not all CX engines are listed...

eg  NFSU2 game reports as CX18.1 but Wineskin 2.6.2 only goes up to CX15.3.1. If i can't get this working i may just do this under VM.


characters not allowed in app??

26 September 2019 - 12:58 AM

Would this be a specific NAS issue or an app issue with Wineskin ?

Specially, i am having trouble reading {1} app i created with spaces in the filename and installed folder..

"Descent 3"

It's actually the GOG version.

However all other apps i created i can copy just fine, but this one i get "Operation not permitted"

I put his down to an app issue, rather than an OS one on Mojave, because it would have happened to other apps if it was OS related..

I'm trying to figure out weather it could just poor implementation on NAS or what as sometimes i can read the app, but only if i connect to NAS as admin "just to read"

the share is read only, so it should work regardless

Once on my Mac i managed to copy to other folders just fine, but i'm wondering if there could be an issu in the naming if the folder "Descent 3" (number) in addition to install folder too as to the reason of this issue.?

no dos drivers

25 September 2019 - 02:46 AM

What is this error i see in Mojave ?

"Error while listing folder contents: dosdevices doesn't exist"

I'm using the unofficial app... I haven't got X11 installed, but that's probably ok now anyway..  Using wrapper

I'm pretty sure folder would be needed otherwise install won't work... (MacOS Mojave 10.14.6)

No new executabes found

12 September 2019 - 06:55 AM

Installing a a test app, and i am facing this error on Mojave 10.14.6

"Opps. No new executable found" .....

xQuarz installed latest version. 2.7.11 as suggested..  I managed to get it working {1} once, but probably by fluke..