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Asking for everyone’s help!! GPU support on Apple

12 December 2018 - 02:18 PM

Many of us game and use NVIDIA drivers for our professional work on a Mac. Usually Apple would provide Nvidia with information during beta period on how to update the drivers to get them up and running when an os update comes in. This time apple seems to be punishing many of its Nvidia users.

I my self use a Mac Pro. I’ve been running High Sierra with a gtx 1060 and has drivers up and running for editing and even some casual gaming. Recently had to update to Mojave realising that Apple is purposely delaying support for Nvidia. Many professional users had to downgrade back to High Sierra. That of course is a problem. If you have made any changes on many of your projects, much of it is not backwards compatible. My entire time machine backup is no longer recoverable as my last 1 month of backups was on Mojave. Same goes with my iTunes and many other apps.

I ask your help. Please sign this petition. Many are currently signing and we hope you guys can help. I have been a follower of this community for years and I know that together we can speed this up.

It’s for Apple to allow support for Nvidia on Mojave

Nvidia said that they already have the drivers built and ready but Apple seems to drag on the certificate signing , so it’s down to Apple to allow this to happen.

Please help guys