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[REQ] Temple+ (TemplePlus) -- modern fanpatch for Temple of Elemental Evil

12 June 2019 - 10:25 AM

Porting Request:
Temple+ (TemplePlus), the current fan patching effort for Troika's The Temple of Elemental Evil game.

Game Description:
Troika CRPG from 2003 using turn-based combat and 3.5E D&D ruleset. The former fanpatch (Circle of Eight/Co8) released its final version years ago and has ceased development. Temple+ fixes dozens of critical game bugs which the Circle of Eight patch never could address, including most of the canonical Atari buglist, and also adds new SRD feats, races, classes, spells, etc.

AppDB Link:

AppDB Rating:

Wikipedia Information:

Can anyone with expertise help get the newest fan patch effort for ToEE up and running in Wine? Thankee.