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#106264 Wineskin Engine Repository

Posted Brainzyy on 22 December 2016 - 01:11 PM

I've been compiling engines for a while and decided to share them.

Link: https://mega.nz/#F!I...dEFtmpXpLoYAGpA

All of my engines, except for the 64bit engines, are macOS 10.6 and higher compatible.
My 64bit engines are macOS 10.8 and higher compatible until I figure out how to compile those for 10.6+. (I stopped trying because it is too much of a hassle and machines that are not able to run on 10.8 and higher won't be able to take advantage of 64bit stuff anyway)

What is available?

Vanilla Engines (just plain wine engines).
Vanilla 64bit Engines.
Staging Engines.
Staging 64bit Engines.
Stable Engines.
Various custom engines to fix certain games/problems.

#105888 Wine64 engines...

Posted NRG on 06 August 2016 - 07:31 PM

This thread is for vanilla wine's engines that can  run  x64 software/games... (The  wine64's engines work also with x86 software)

for others 64 engines (as staging engines) you can watch to the Staging Engines thread

(engines compiled by ScoPezz)

P.S.: Most of actuals x64 games (pratically all) need also directx11, while  actuals wine's versions aren't yet ready for that...

#105755 Dreamcast Emulator Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger +

Posted NRG on 13 June 2016 - 05:20 PM

View Postfuzzydunlop, on 13 June 2016 - 12:02 AM, said:

Best thing on the internet these people that post download links and don't even care to update them when they're down. Not only is the second one not working but it seems linksave.in is even down.

Good comment as first post in a new forum... my compliments! <_<

Best thing on the internet, these people that pretend the work of other people for free...

Another best thing on the internet is that anyone can write freely bull$hits, so you are very lucky... also people, as you, can now write about  their usefullness...

#105204 [REQ] Blade And Soul

Posted waves on 30 January 2016 - 08:10 AM

I swear these programs use gamegaurd only so they can be anti WINE.

Also, nice to hear from you again eridani.

#100541 Wine 1.6.2 is out

Posted dankoB on 11 January 2014 - 10:42 PM

and it just so happens that I compiled a working Wineskin wswine.bundle for this release...just place the compressed engine in UserName/Library/Application Support/Wineskin/Engines


works great for me so far....enjoy!

#100399 Automated Dolphin builder

Posted ThetaSigma on 01 January 2014 - 01:46 AM

I am a fan of Dolphin, and I enjoy testing out the latest builds. However, occasionally the official website is behind on the latest build(s) of Dolphin for Mac. Eventually I decided that manually putting in the commands to grab and build the latest (beta) changes to Dolphin was boring. So, as a solution I made a simple program to do it for me! The program is quite simply named Grab & Build - Dolphin.
I figured that someone else might find this useful, so here it is!
I'm just going to rehash the official guide for compiling Dolphin.

Requirements: (I've only tested this on 10.9/Mavericks)
1: Command Line Tools for Xcode. It's free, download the one corresponding to your version of OS X. Xcode itself is not required. If you can't get it from Apple, find another way.
2: CMake. Download and install it.
Please note: if you're having trouble downloading or installing these dependancies, look at official guides on them. (Read as: Not my problem.)

I'm going to assume that you've never touched on building Dolphin, which means you still need to download the sourcefile(s). In the zip I've provided there are two programs, one is for starting fresh by downloading and building for the first time. (This takes a while.)
The other is for updating Dolphin. This grabs the latest changes and incorporates them into Dolphin. Sometimes fast, sometimes it takes a long time - it all depends on how much has changed in the update.

Start by opening First Grab & Build and wait for it to finish. This will take some time. Dolphin's sourcefile(s) and a compiled version should now be in your home folder.
After you've run that, you should be able to run Grab & Build - Dolphin from now on.
DO NOT DELETE DOLPHIN-EMU FOLDER FROM YOUR HOME FOLDER! If you do, then you will have to rerun First Grab & Build.

And finally, here's the download: Mediafire

Apps created using Apple's default automation kit - Automator.

#100339 DanIsTheMan VS. Steam

Posted HiPhish on 29 December 2013 - 12:15 AM

View PostHrachya, on 28 December 2013 - 11:37 PM, said:

DRM is made to prevent piracy, and as far as I know you're against piracy, so what are you mad about?
No, it doesn't, it never did, and it never will. Even online-only games like MMOs can be pirated and tricked into plying over a private server instead of the official ones. The only way to prevent piracy is to keep parts of the game#s actual code online. The piracy issue is very complex and there are a lot of reasons why a person would pirate game, only one of which can be solved with DRM. I can elaborate on this if you care.

View PostHrachya, on 28 December 2013 - 11:37 PM, said:

Against freedom? What? Could you elaborate? I've been using Steam for about a year now and I've never had it force me to pay for games or anything of the sort. I can do whatever I want with my Steam account.
DRM, including Steam, was created to take away the user's control over their purchased product. Even if you buy a retail version of a game you will be unable to sell it used. Make no mistake, the used games market is a huge thorn in the industry's side. The industry thought they could make short games with no replay value so people would rush out to buy new games, and it worked, but they did not expect people trading in their used copies. it's no mistake that Half Life 2 forced player to use Steam.

Even as far as digital distribution, where used sales don't exist, is concerned DRM is taking away user rights. You have to ask the company servers for permission every time you want to play, you have to install software you might not even want on your system. If the DRM-system wants to do something (like update) your game will have to wait. You cannot make backups. Your copy can be disabled even though you payed money for it. Image if the furniture company just busted into your house without permission and took away all your furniture, because they can. You cannot choose what kind of computer to install your games on, because the DRM-system might get in your way.

You cannot do whatever you want with your Steam account, you can do only as much a Newell allows you. using community-made mods? Perfectly fine. Making backups? No way! Sharing a game with friends and family at the same time? Lord Gabe St. Newell says that's a sin, unless he has given you his blessing (aka Steam Familiy Sharing). All of these privileges are things that should be taken for granted.

The only argument in favour of DRM is regional pricing for lower-inclome regions. For me it's great that GOG uses the same price across the globe, because 1$ is not 1€. However, even 1$ is not the same for everyone, in some parts of the world it's worth more than in others. DRM lets companies sell games cheaper in those regions without customers from other regions taking advantage. Of course that system can and will be tricked, but that's beside the point.

#100357 WS9 CX13.0.1 Engine

Posted dankoB on 29 December 2013 - 06:39 PM

I started talking to Drakulix about possibly getting a working WS9WineCX13.0.1 engine together a little while back and we have been actively trying to get an engine together over the last couple days. Thanks to his help, I learned how to spot build errors and we successfully compiled a working wswine.bundle

It seemed the issue was due to a change in the CX structure of a couple of the dlls/winemac.drv files as well as an issue with a programs/winedbg file. After applying this quick patch that drakulix wrote, the build completed and the testing began. A few different games were tested in all but one instance the mac driver worked perfectly.

here's the patch he wrote:


Here's the link to the working WS9WineCX13.0.1drak Wineskin engine


Place the downloaded file directly in User/Library/Application Support/Wineskin/Engines

10.8 (and 10.7?) users will have to open Terminal and put this command in to unhide the Library folder

chflags nohidden ~/library/

Enjoy y'all and please leave testing results in the comments below!

#100302 OpenEmu got released

Posted Ωmega on 26 December 2013 - 12:13 AM

Thanks for posting this. I just finished Mega Man X on Open Emu. Favorite game of all time. :)

#99985 Cocoa or HUD?

Posted HiPhish on 02 December 2013 - 10:41 PM

Please don't use light text on a dark background, that's like stabbing people in the eyesocket. You can only use it in very few circumstances, for example if you are dealing with a lot of images (as is OpenEmu with all the cover artworks) since it makes the image stand out more, but when in doubt don't use it.

#99870 Advanced Warning about Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Posted dankoB on 24 November 2013 - 12:11 PM

I've been running Snow Leopard for the last 4 years and I have never once come across this bug. I also don't use CandyBar though. I spent the last few days fooling around with 10.8.5 and 10.9...I didn't try Lion but I'm guessing it's similar ML in may respects. I'm not really a fan of Mavericks. Not sure why. The OS just didn't seem to flow all that great. Nice features but I think I'm gonna stick with 10.6.8 or awhile longer.

#99849 About my avatar

Posted HiPhish on 21 November 2013 - 09:54 PM

WTF is it with these nonsensical anime titles? I mean, what on earth is Fate/Stay Night supposed to mean? I sounds like someone browsing through a dictionary randomly until he finds three words he likes the sound of.

#99449 Advanced Warning about Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Posted waves on 23 October 2013 - 09:41 PM

View PostTetsu, on 21 October 2013 - 03:10 AM, said:

People going from 10.6 to 10.9 might run into troubles though especially if they haven't kept their stuff up to date.

This is the main reason - I am sticking on Mac OS X 10.6.8. Too much stuff of mine would break. Mac OS X Lion, left 95% of the CX based ports with just a single 'hop' in the Dock and nothing more. A pretty big blow to me, and the site as a whole in my opinion. Not as a knock to doh123 and Wineskin however. It is just if they were already made, changing them over can (sometimes) be a hassle.

View PostTetsu, on 21 October 2013 - 03:10 AM, said:

Some people thought their PowerPC games would last forever and that was not the case.

I may be in a minority, but that would have been nice. :)

#99323 Advanced Warning about Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Posted waves on 10 October 2013 - 05:29 PM

As Apple has seeded the Golden Master of Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks keep in mind before "updating" some ports will no longer work.

So before "updating" your Macintosh's OS, make sure to remember your favourite Game or Application may no longer work.

Every time there is an update to Mac OS X we will lose some compatibility - or in the frustrating case of 10.7.5 and 10.8.2 things broke on point updates.

What will not work for sure:

Chromium Ports - these broke with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. So they only work with 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard (Intel). There are a few still kicking around.

CXZ/CXS/CXE Ports - Basically broke with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion - These work on 10.4-10.6 only. A few games however, and all Application ports will work on 10.7.

Old Wineskin Ports.

Some Cider Ports may no longer work.

What will work:

Wineskin 2.5x with Wineskin Engines WS8+ will continue to work on Mac OS X 10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8 / 10.9
* For Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard - this engine with work with Wineskin 2.5x - http://cl.ly/3n1O3N2E2z37 (courtesy thedoctor45)

Most Cider ports.

Dosbox Ports

ScummVM Ports

*It should also be noted that your Favourite game or Application that is Mac Native may no longer work when "updating" so keep that in mind as well.

See this guide for updating an older port to run on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks: http://portingteam.c...-os-updates-r22


#99148 Last to post

Posted Reboot on 20 September 2013 - 12:33 AM

https://www.facebook...634820009911313 GTA V: When You Don't Pick The Right Weapon...


View Postloco, on 22 May 2009 - 05:49 PM, said:

By the way, go to google.com and google:
"google chuck norris" without the quotes and hit I'm feeling lucky. It's funny...
Try it, guys.