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#107343 Unofficial Wineskin Project

Posted Gcenx on 02 April 2018 - 04:01 PM

Last Updated -  December 29th/2019
Current version Wineskin-


List of modifications in the Wineskin App (WineskinApp)

  • The Auto-detect GPU feature should never cause malfunction in the port;
  • The Auto-detect GPU feature should have a much bigger accuracy and detect the memory size of integrated video cards as well;
  • The Retina Mode can be enabled from the Screen Options window;
  • Kill Wineskin Processes should kill ALL Wineskin processes. (Wineskin- no longer tried to launch wineserverkill.exe)
  • Images (not .icns files) should also be accepted has wrapper icons;
  • LNK files should be able to be selected as a port's run path, so Wineskin can extract the path and flags from it;
  • Winetricks installation can be silent (with no windows) so it's much faster;
  • Disables X11 option if XQuartz is not installed.
  • The first Advanced tab (Configuration) should be much more simple in the first section:
    • The Windows EXE should use Wineskin syntax, including the drive and the flags, (eg. "C:/Program Files/temp.exe" --run) instead of using a macOS reference path (eg. /Program Files/temp.exe) and the flag apart (eg. --run).
  • Advanced Tab "Disabled Gecko installation" checkbox (allows install to be enabled for "Wrapper Refresh" )
  • Able to detect XQuartz installed via macports
  • Integrated fntoggle directly into Wineskin.app, now you can have Standard F keys during wrapper usage.
  • Wine versions not compatible with "mac driver" will have that option disabled.
  • Fixed a long standing bug from official Wineskin "Command Line Wine Test" now works as intended.
  • Ability to map Command as Ctrl (wine 3.17 and above)
  • Ability to map Option as Alt (wine 1.7.4 and above)
  • No longer alters "EXE Flags" meaning if you require a "/" it's no longer changed to a "\"
  • Rebuild Wrapper now resets the MAIN EXE to nothing.exe

List of modifications for the Master Wrapper (WineskinLauncher)

  • Many fixes when dealing with newest engines.
  • Closes XQuartz on exit if used.
  • Mono is never installed.
  • Able to use XQuartz installed via macports
  • fntoggle will be set on launch and unset on wrapper exit. (If enabled from wineskin.app)
  • gnuTLS included so supported engines can use it, aka using WineCX18.5.0 Steam will download again.
  • Added ffmpeg - removed to avoid Legal Issues
  • Now ntlm_auth is within wstools.bundle/bin
  • Now checks $HOME/Wineskin/lib" for dylib's
  • Added a fixed version of NCurses without this the fixed "Command Line Wine Test" will give terminal errors
  • Gnutls support requires OSX10.9!
  • Bundle ID is now generated from appName
  • wine64 used over wine within 64Bit wrappers
  • Font Smoothing enabled on wrapper creation
  • Support wine32on64 in both normal and wow64 builds

List of modifications in the Winery App

  • Improved - Engine Ordering.
  • Connects to custom WineskinServer.
  • Downloads engines hosted on WineskinServer.
  • Directly download current "Unofficial Master Wrapper Version"
  • "Update" feature will display when new "unofficial Wineskin Winery.app" version is available
  • Wine versions that Require XQuartz to function are hidden by default.
  • Able to read from a local EngineList.txt (in the same folder as Winery.app)
  • Download and repack Engines from winehq
  • Rebuild using Xcode10, now supports Dark Mode when using Mojave
  • Correctly downloads engines again on OSX10.8
  • Correctly handles wine version string for repacking.
  • Correct GitHub linked used now allows files committed via “git lfs” to download correctly

With a minimum requirement of macOS/OSX 10.8.
With a recommended requirement of macOS/OSX 10.9.

Unofficial Wineskin Winery.app
Using the above just download then run, directly download the current master wrapper
Don't use keka to unpack as it currently breaks any downloaded applications after unpacking!

About Local EngineList.txt feature;
This feature was added so winery.app can read a local EngineList.txt file, create a text file with that name in the save directory as winery.app this will now override the copy hosted on GitHub , follow the correct Wineskin engine naming style to download Wine to be repacked into Engines.


Please make sure to clear out your users /tmp folder if you have any issues creating wrappers.

Anyone who uses PortingKit and is running OS X10.8 to 10.14 is now using Unofficial.

A Very Special Thanks to;
doh123 - For creating Wineskin
VitorMM - For the modernized code base along with all the included features!
NRG & dankoB - For Testing the initial releases

#107368 Unofficial Wineskin Project

Posted Gcenx on 08 April 2018 - 09:23 PM

View PostVitorMM, on 08 April 2018 - 03:42 PM, said:

Been working on an update to make that specific part even better, with deep video card detection, more accurate and with a much wider support than the one that was been used by WineskinLauncher :)

I've reported that a long time ago, but still didn't had the chance to publish the modified Wineskin, although it's ready (however, not tested).

Me and Paul have being talking with doh about releasing a new Wineskin version. We may merge our changes to create a much more stable Wineskin :D

I will upload my modified Wineskin version to Github. In case you want to combine our changes, just submit yours in a pull request or upload your source code somewhere ;)

EDIT: Uploaded my source.

Just remembering: my source requires my framework, ObjectiveC_Extension, to be build.

Nice, what little I got done nothing really mostly just fixing some issues I noticed and adding downloads redirection and adding it into the menu

I'm going to gitclone that and take a look at the new code, I am still new to this so I might be of little help it took me a while to get my head around the original code :wacko:

#107139 Skyrim tips and tricks

Posted dankoB on 06 December 2017 - 06:48 PM

All the answers you are looking for are here:


and here:


Or you could use Porting Kit...

When I create a wrapper I will normally add these registry keys to the Direct3D string in the user.reg even before I install anything.


If you choose to use the last two you will need disable the auto detect GPU selection under Set Screen Options after launching Wineskin. You will also need to define the dword to your specific system. Since you use ATI Radeon the PCI Vendor ID will remain the same however the PCI Device ID will differ. Open your System Profiler.app located in the Applications/Utilities folder. Click on graphics in the left hand column and the info you will require is there.

#107038 Updating PORTING TEAM ports

Posted Incredible Hulk on 14 October 2017 - 02:42 PM

You are doing great job lately ;)
Can you tell us anything more about this Wineskin Navy

#107048 Updating PORTING TEAM ports

Posted Incredible Hulk on 20 October 2017 - 05:06 PM

Would it be better to contact doh123 and integrate those patches directly in Wineskin?

#107003 DirectX 11 Wine Staging on macOS (kind of)

Posted Incredible Hulk on 28 September 2017 - 06:43 PM

Looking at this @soloMacOSX video


I tried few things and here are the results with Wine Staging 2.17

regedit MaxVersionGL 40001 DWORD added

Metro redux DX11 Wine Staging MacOs (r_api 2 in user cfg)

Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image