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#76921 Game Backups Section online

Posted devilhunter on 06 April 2012 - 07:28 PM

The Game Backups section is now online in the Port Database.

This section was previously the 'Full Game Ports' section in the old Forum, and contained complete Game Ports (ready to use Game Port, Wrapper + Game files) posted by various Members here.
In the old Forum, this section required 3 Posts in the Forum to access, but this is not the case anymore.
To simply view the Game Backups section in the Port Database, simply choose 'Yes' for the 'View Backup Ports' setting in your Account's settings.

Click your Username on the top right corner -> click 'My Settings'
On the Bottom of the Page is the 'View Backup Ports' dropdown box, which you can set to 'Yes'

Now you can see the Game Backups Section in the Port Database.

As a reminder, we do not support piracy or warez here in any way, but we allow every user to upload their Backup Game Port (if they want to) for others to use here.
Users downloading Backup Ports from the Port Database will get a little legal Notice Box before downloading them to remind them that they should actually own the game before downloading, among some of the usual legal disclaimers.

For the Porting Community, there is a delicate balance in both extremes, some who only deal in Wrappers and some who want to use Full Games only.
We would like to keep up that balance, and we give every user the opportunity to choose if he wants to see these potentially copyrighted Game Ports (different for each country), or not.
If you don't want anything to do with Game Backups from others and stick with Wrappers, don't agree to the Box in your Account's settings.

With the Game Backups section online, we have at last everything online that the old Forum had.
We had to work on importing and sorting out the dead Ports (because of the Megaupload Meltdown) quite a bit, that's why that section came up a bit late.
Also implementing the way it is now (agree and then see the section) took some time as well.

Some Notes:
- When you post Backup Game Ports into the Backups Section of the Port Database, you HAVE to use linksave, linkcrypt or another linkcrypter site to 'encrypt' the download links.
While Linksave is not required anywhere else in the Port Database, it is in the Game Backups section. No way around that.
Users who post Game Backups without saving the downlaod links via link encrypter will get a Warning.

- The [ fullgamebutton= ] and [ fullgamenote] tags are still available for posting a Game Backup into a Wrapper only Topic.

- Basically we allow for complete Ports everywhere in the Port Database, except the standard Game Ports section. Wrappers only there.
I'll make a post about what's allowed where to clear things up shortly.

- also thanks to tanoulas, Battlefiler cybershark and thedoctor45 for the cleanup help in the Full Backups section.

P.S.: Happy Easter Everybody!

#71133 Porting Team v3 online!

Posted devilhunter on 29 December 2011 - 12:51 AM

See our Front Page Post about the new Porting Team v3 Update here

Hello everyone and welcome on the new PT v3 System, complete with Port Database and whatnot.

About Ports:
The Port Database is currently rather empty, but we will begin immediately converting the Ports from the phpBB3 Forum to the new Port Database.
EVERY PORT will be carried over to the Port Database, IF THE PORT had a Wrapper.
We will be very busy in the next few days & weeks converting stuff over and fixing bugs here, so lots of stuff to do for us :)
Every Port converted by us into the Port Database will retain their user comments.

About Ports that had no Wrapper (Full Game Backups):
We had a little Forum section with Full Game Backups, where Users could upload their Full Game Backups for others.
Since most of these Full Backup Ports did not have an extra Wrapper, they cannot yet be posted into the Port Database, since the main Download link in the Port Database is intended for Wrappers.
The old Porting Team Forum (the black one) will remain in read-only mode, so all users can still log in and look at their Info from their Ports

About posting extra Wrappers for these Full Games that they will be included into the Port Database:
If you want us to import your Full Backup Port into the Port Database with all content & comments, please send your Wrapper download link (linksave protected) to devilhunter@portingteam.com
We will import your Full Backup with everything around it as a Port Database entry with the Wrapper link as the main download link.

About seeing Full Backup Games by others:
Since the Port Database is mainly for Wrappers, the main Download Links get reserved for Wrapper Downloads.
As mentioned above, we will also have Backup Ports uploaded by some users.
To enable seeing full Game Backups, click onto your User Name in the top right corner and go into 'My Settings'.
On the Bottom of the Page you will see a 'View Game Backups' option. Set the field from NO to Yes and save changes.
Now you will see complete Game Backups from other user in every Port, if that Porter did upload a complete Game Backup.

There seems to be something wrong with my Posts, a few things are gone
The conversion couldn't carry over exactly everything from the old Board, but 99% of it.
The things that aren't carried over are for example the heavy customization we did with the old Board. custom bbcodes and the like.
The old Forum will be set to read-only mode shortly (means nobody can make new posts/replies), so you can take your stuff out of the old Board and paste it into your Topics here.

About missing Avatars:
Because of some miscalculation from the import (because we have two servers), newer Avatars since the middle of the year were not copied over correctly.
Everyone needs re-upload your User Avatar/Picture.
Only the newer User Avatars were lost in the transition.

Edit: the old forum is back online in read-only mode
No new User signups, but everyone else can login and get their stuff out if you are missing something here.
The old Forum will stay that way for a few months, until we are done with the import of the Ports into the Port Database.

Reply if you have questions.