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#73699 Linksave now no longer required for Wrappers or Application Ports

Posted devilhunter on 17 February 2012 - 09:49 PM

A little bit of history:
Linksave/linkcrypt/safelinking was introduced by us for posting download links to wrappers and other content;
for protecting download links against hotlinking and abuse, also to avoid link deletion from Hosters via website spidering.
Also to protect some of the other content*, more on that below.

All main download links are now automatically protected by the system via a dynamic links.
This gives us the opportunity to drop the linksave protection from content like Wrappers, old DOS Games and Applications.  
Also because linksave became such an ad-infested place, and the other puzzle things on some of the other sites.... *shudders*

* Only complete game Backupshave to be posted via Linksave.
Because the links posted via the fullgamebutton are not part of the main download part from the system, and for other obvious reasons.

So what this means for people who submit Ports to the Port Database:

You don't have to post Wrapper links via Linksave.in anymore.
Linksave and other link encrypter sites are increasingly becoming a pain, and you can post mediafire or rapidshare or other links like they are into the 'Wrapper Download' fields when submitting a new Port.
Only full Game Backups have to be posted via the fullgamebackup code and encrypted with linksave.in/linkcrypt.ws/whatever in the main description field of the Port.

So that takes care of one of the most annoying things here and as said; you can choose to use linksave further, or not.
We think most will choose not to :D

Members who already have submitted Ports can go through their Ports and submit the direct download links if they like (actually recommended),
this step would also remove some confusion in the future from new users who click on the ads instead of the download links.